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The Texas Revolution

No description

Lauren Webb

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of The Texas Revolution

Budapest San
Francisco The Texas Revolution
by Lauren,Reese,Shayden,Tatiana,Jazmon, and Shane Houston promised to go immediately to Gonzales and lead the small force of Texians gathering there to relieve the Alamo, if that was possible, to defend Texas Austrailia The Road to San Jacinto:
Houston began the 150-mile ride to Gonzales on March 6 not knowing that the Alamo had fallen that very morning Brazil,South America Houston led his men to within twenty yards of the line, where they delivered one organized volley and then charged. " Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad,'' They screamed. They clubbed with muskets and killed with pistols and knives.
Houston rode about the battlefeild attempting to end the killing until his horse fell dead, and due to his shot leg, he could no longer walk. China,Asia Then the Texans captured General Santa Anna, and brought him to Houston. Houston made Santa Anna call off the war, and declare Texas free, before they killed him. Canada, North America Houston then ordered an immediate attack. They drew fire from the Mexican infantry and charged their cavalry. The Texans , who had to dismount themselves in danger of being overrun by Mexican lancers. Alaska, North America A volunteer arrived from Georgia named Mirbeau Bonaparte Lamar. Lamar rode to the rescue, who was surrounded once by Mexicans and found a severely wounded young soldier. San Francisco, California Bolivia Peru Colombia Sudan Egypt Houston decided to attack again on April 21. But, luckily he did not attack immediately. General Cos soon arrived with about 550 extra reinforcements, there was then nearly 1,350 Mexican soldiers, with only about 900 in the Texas Army. Houston sent Deaf Smith and a few other men to destroy the bridge over Vince's Bayou. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Houston ordered his troops into battle.Nineteen Tejanos joined the Texas army. The artillarymen hurried their cannon forward to within two hundred yards of the Mexicans. Important Quotes Russia Thank U 4 Watching :) "Three rolling streams of fire."
Texas can rally, and defeat any force that can come against her."
"but before my God,since we parted, I have found the darkest hours of my life."
Remember the Alamo, remember Goliad."
That man may consider himself born to no common destiny who has conquered the Napoleon of the West; and now remains for him to be vanquished The Battle of the Alamo & San Jacinto The ballad of the Alamo
by Brian Burns They killed 630 Mexican soldiers and captured 730 and six were fatally wounded. Sam Houston They killed 630 Mexicans and captured 730. 6 were fatally wounded.
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