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Human Influence on the Nitrogen Cycle

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Jérémy Carignan

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Human Influence on the Nitrogen Cycle

Human effects on the nitrogen cycle Nitrogen fixing Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen in the Air Amonification Ammonium Nitrification Nitrites Nitrates Assimilation Plants Animals Decomposers Dentrification Does anyone have an idea of what the nitrogen cycle is? Does anyone have any idea WHY the
Nitrogen Cycle is important? The nitrogen cycle is a natural cycle that moves nitrogen through
different compounds in the ecosystem The nitrogen cycle is
important because all
organisms require nitrogen
in order to live. For
example, if an organism
receives too much, or
not enough nitrogen, the
organism will be seriously
affected. How do you think human activities can affect the nitrogen cycle? Human affects the nitrogen cycle in four ways:
1-Nitrogen Fertilizer
3-Fossil Fuels burning
4-Human population growth Fossil Fuels burning Automobiles, factories, power plants and other combustion processes that were stored in geological forms are sent back into the atmosphere by human actions which increase the amount of Nitrogen and affect the Nitrogen cycle.
•Production of 20Tg per year in the Atmosphere. Nitrogen Fertilizer Humans produce approximately 80 Terra Grams of nitrogen fertilizer per year. All of this nitrogen is added into the ecosystems of the world and is by far the largest human contribution of new nitrogen to the global cycle. Human Population Growth The growth of the human population makes the amount of nitrogen increase because more and more people are affecting the nitrogen cycle in different ways. More people using cars, more people throwing trash on the ground, more people cutting down trees, more people affecting lake quality, etc. Deforestation Forests have the capacity to retain nitrogen. Therefore, when trees are cut, it decreases the forests capacity and increases the amount of nitrogen projected in the wetlands and in the air. Into Context:

1 Terra Gram = 2 million tons

80 Terra Grams = 160 million tons

1 elephant = 7 tons (6-8)

160 million/7 = 22 857 143 million elephants THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME By: Andrew, Jeremy and Victoria
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