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Graduation 1.0 years ahead

No description

Kip Jones

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Graduation 1.0 years ahead

A more in depth look at senior year....
Testing: ACT/SAT/Accuplacer/ASVAB

When do you take it and why?
Meet with your counselor to go over credits and ensure that you have a plan for graduation.

Narrow down and finalize list of college/post-secondary education plans: Don't know your plans? Let's work together to explore options.

Create an activities resume that you can give to teachers/counselors for letters of recommendation

Scholarships: WashBoard, SHS webpage

College rep visits start

Attend a college fair

Start applications

Request letters of Rec. Give two weeks notice

Apply for FAFSA!!!
Take a deep breath
Check in with your counselor to revisit your post high school plans.
Check with teachers/counselors to make sure letters of rec are submitted
WCC Preview Day. Campus tour and student panel
Home for the Holidays
Monitor your applications to make sure you don't miss a deadline
BTC Try a Trade
Decide on a college. Send in your tuition deposit
Not college? Let's make sure you have a next step.
Let teachers/counselors know where you are going.
Do you have your cap and gown???
Be proud, celebrate all you have accomplished.

"I did it!!!"
"What a ride! I can't wait for real life."
Graduation: 1.0 year ahead

Life: Beyond
View from a seniors eyes...
Do some college applications or don't, "I can get them done at some point, I just need a weekend to bang them out."
Have Fun: "It's my senior year, this will be awesome."
Freak out: "I am an adult I don't need any help from parents or anyone."
Freak out: "Why isn't anyone helping me?"

"What do I wear for Prom?"
"We did it!"
"We can't wait for that spare bedroom!"
Early Action vs Early Decision vs standard decision
CSS Profile
NACAC in Seattle
Make sure first quarter grades are positive
Write thank you's to those who wrote letters of rec
BTC Tour Day, BTC placement test at SHS
Keep working hard. Senior year grades matter
Dollars for Scholars application comes out
Career Fair at WCC
Review your acceptance letters and awards
WCC Application and Testing
Apprenticeship Tour in Skagit Valley
If you are put on a waitlist, contact the college and let them know you are still interested.
How to support your student
What are your post high school plans? Why?
College is a match, not a prize
Work as a consultant for your student
help with timeline
support with visits
help your student self-reflect
help organize information
help your student ask questions
Be aware of the pressure your student
may be under
Have the $ talk
Visit colleges
Q. How can I find out about different college choices?

A. Attend the college fair in the fall. Visit Colleges that Change Lives webpage, have students attend college visits to SHS, College Board search.
Q. How many colleges should I apply to?
A. Good question, hard to answer.
Q. What is the Common App? What is the
A. A standard application process that
most private schools use. Coalition is used
by UW and a growing number of colleges.
Q. Should I be applying to public or private schools?
A. What is a good fit for your student? Private schools may offer a large amount of aid and shouldn't be ruled out based on sticker price alone.
Q. How do we pay for this?
A. Attend a FAFSA night to learn more about
financial aid, encourage your student to fill out

SHS Career Center Webpage
College Fin Aid Offices
College Admissions Offices

"School is almost over, now what?"
This is the best. We are seniors!!! We can do whatever we want.
Q. What is a GAP year and should I take it?
A. A year to learn who you are. Get a job/travel/participate in a program.
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