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"Go for the Gold!" - St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School

Kroger "Earning Plus Learning" Grant

Mark Mizelle

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of "Go for the Gold!" - St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School
Savannah, Georgia "Go For The Gold!" Diversity Nutrition SFCCS Family Handbook clearly states "Please do not send or bring fast food, soda, microwave meals, or candy!" with regards to student lunches.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Fridays! - Parents/Teachers introduce their favorite fruit or vegetable one Friday out of the month.

Everybody Eats Fresh FREE Fridays! (E2F3) - A monthly, youth-managed, produce ONLY distribution in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank.

Parent Education Night on "healthy grocery shopping" Exercise ALL students are granted recess time each day

Partnership with Georgia "Safe Routes to School"

Participation for two years in a row in "International Walk to School Day"

Participation in the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society "Light the Night" Walk

Extracurricular Activities: Cross Country, Basketball, Dance Crew,
Y Kids Run

Access to the Cabrini Wellness Center for all families Fair Play "Everybody Plays" Policy due to our small size - No tryouts for sports teams/after school clubs

No Bullying Policy

Monthly Character Education presented by each class
(i.e. 7th Grade - Empathy, 3rd Grade - Charitable)

"Prayer Partner" Program - Each class pairs up with another class for Lunch/Mass one Thursday/Friday each month Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School is "going for the gold" in many ways by fostering diversity and service within the community. Healthy and active lifestyles also play a part in our success here at SFCCS. Celebration of culturally oriented days throughout the school year (i.e. St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Día de los Muertos)

SFCCS recognizes religious days throughout the school year (All Saints' Day, St. Frances Cabrini Feast Day, Christmas, Easter)

SFCCS is the most ethnically diverse Catholic school by percentage in Savannah

Students are required to take Spanish as part of their Fine Arts education Helping Others Mandatory Service Hours for Families and Middle School Students

Assisting those at risk for hunger through our Everybody Eats Fresh FREE Fridays

Monthly Charity Initiative

Participation in the "Social Apostolate" Canned Food Drive

School-Wide Ceremony honoring Veterans Day "Light the Night" Walk "Social Apostolate" Canned Food Drive Veterans Day! Cross Country - New Sport for 2012-2013 school year! Everybody Eats Fresh Free Fridays! E2F3! St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School - Check out our Diversity! International Walk to School Day! Día de los Muertos "Prayer Partners" at Lunch St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School expresses a very special "thank you" to Kroger for this opportunity. We are proud to highlight our many accolades and successes in being a school that is always faithfully "going for the gold."
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