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Audience Research Evaluation

No description

Elliot Jackson

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Audience Research Evaluation

My initial research started by looking into popular genres of music. This was important as I had to see if there was an audience for the song I wanted to use.

It was also a good opportunity to collate more information on music listening habits on different mediums.
Audience Research
The average age of participant of my questionnaire was between 15-21 with over 65% of people taking part being in that bracket.

From this I could identify that a majority of the results came from an age range of 15-21. This would mean that my results were targeted at a young audience.
Results cont.
Further results showed that a large majority of participants
I conducted my research on members of the public and tried to ask varied and understandable questions

To begin, I first asked for the age of the participant. From this I could see the average age of my participants as well as their typical music habits.

The questionnaire was the easiest research method to conduct as it is cheap to produce and easy to distribute and collect results.

The next slides will show my results for my research over the course of my project as well how I adapted my project and film because of my results....
Elliot Jackson
What have I learned from Audience feedback?
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