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Why Battle Grounds 2?

By Josh Hanrahan 7th

Josh Hanrahan

on 2 January 2012

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Transcript of Why Battle Grounds 2?

Why Battle grounds 2?
The offical Battle Grounds 2 Trailer
You host a Line Battle!
But what the heck is a Line Battle?
Q: What the heck is "The Battle Grounds"?
A: A modification for Half-life and Half-life 2 (Source). That means the whole original game got changed, resulting in a so called TC, Total Conversion.
Q: What is it all about?
A: BG places you in the time period of the revolutionary war in America. American rebels are fighting for their freedom and the troops of the british crown are trying to keep control of the colonies.
British Officer
British Infantry & Light Infantry
The British
The Americans
You can choose between two teams:
Here is a look at the weapons in the game!
The weapons shoot this type of projectile:
Warning: Muskets are very popular for being very inaccurate, but the creators found a way to still make it fun.
Q: How much is BG?
A: Its absolutely free! You can even get the source code for free.

Know with that concluded, I expect u to download BG2 from their website. Thanks for veiwing my Prezi and I hoped you learn and are intrested about BG2! :)
A Line Battle is when both armies line up in a line formation facing the other team. On command they fire, reload, fix bayonets and charge the enemy line. Line Battles are a very important game mode to the game. They are extremely fun to play in and command. When you get Battle Grounds 2 find a good server to play some Line Battles on!
These weapons were loaded with a paper cartridge. Paper Cartridge guns are Black Powder guns. Black Powder is a type of propellant that is very dirty and corrosive. Look at the diagrams to see what they consists of. In reality, trained soldiers where able to fire and reload 2-3 shots a minute, in the game the reload process takes about 7 seconds, so it is still fun to take multiple shots. If you want to know more about Black Powder, The Ammunition of the Paper Cartridge, visit the links below:
Lead Ball or Buck Shot
Black Powder
Black Powder
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunpowder - Black Powder
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_cartridge - Paper Cartridge
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musket_ball - Lead Ball
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz56I4n9O4U - Flint Lock in Action
Know lets learn a little about BG2!
I highly suggest joining a clan like I did. I joind the 42 Commando. You can have extreme amounts of fun in a clan and you can also improve your skills. Check out the video to the right one clan made.
Skirmish Game Play
Line Battles
Skirmish is like basic team deathmatch. It is orderless which means you are given no orders by anyone. It involves shooting and stabbing at will!
Thanks, View My Other Prezis!
On the other hand there is:
What do you say when al the little dumb butts on your server say Linnne Battle?
There are two main modes of Game Play:
While playing u can play music on the entire server for all to see. There are many different programs that do so, but my favorite is hldj. You can play very fun music like in the music video to the right! The songs are either fun, funny or dramatic. Which really sets the mood. Jack Sparrow by Lonely Islands is the music video to the right and it is my favorite song to have playing when the line battle with 2 people left!
Here are some is the Game Play Gallery I made:
They guns are historically accurate to the ones on the game. Of course of the years the design will vary but lets look and see how they vary and notice that the whole game is like this too!
Ammerican Officer
Continental Soldier
Game Play
Baically Muskets make up the majority of the weapons, bu wait...
But, before anything else:
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