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☺Ancient Egypt☺

No description

taruna d

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of ☺Ancient Egypt☺

There was a father, mother and children in a family like we have today. Divided Egypt into two halves.
Black Land is fertile.
Red Land was a desert. Geography and Location

Mostly hunted lions, gazelles and ostriches.

Only farmed when the Nile flooded.

Farmed lots of fruits and vegetables.

Nile was the main food resource.

They used the Nile for fishing.
They used the Nile for drinking water. Mummies Mummies were preserved bodies. Mostly rich egyptians and animals were mummified. Animals were mummified because the egyptians believed that animals were gods. Ancient Egyptian people build pyramids to keep the mummies in it.The Egyptian workers level the rocks to make a flat surface to build the pyramid on it. They only used hand tools made by hard rock called dolerite.
The Egyptian people worked six hours each day to build the bottom. They used blocks to build pyramids that were over two tons. They pulled the blocks with oiled sledge runners. The Great Pyramid is the largest pyramid. It was made for pharaoh Khufu. It is 147 meters (481 feet) high and took 20 years to build it. Food Family
There was a mother, father
and children in a family like
we have today. Gods and goddesses Most gods had a human body and an animal head.
Egyptians whacked their gods statues.
Egyptians were not scared of their gods. This is Khufu`s pyramid. This is the inside of Khufu`s
pyramid. Pyramids Ancient egyptian map. The egyptian map now. Egyptian Women Children There was a father, mother and children in a family like we have today. Family Ra Anubis Inventions The ancient Egyptians invented medicines, shipbuilding, toothpaste, writing, papyrus sheets, and mathematics. How it Ended The ruler mark Antony ran off with Cleopatra which got society mad and the came to rule over the quiet country. Climate Ancient Egypt was a very dry and hot civilization. Egypt only had two seasons; winter and summer. In winter the weather use to go up to 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit and In summer the weather use to go up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Ancient Egypt Do the Egyptian! Government The ingredients that ancient egyptian people used to
made toothpaste. Papyrus sheets. Hieroglyphics. Pharaohs Trade Ancient egyptians were master traders in the ancient world. Fashion ancient world map ancient Egypt Food and Farming Mostly hunted lions, gazelles and ostriches.Only farmed when the Nile flooded.Farmed lots of fruits and vegetables.They farmed grains, wheat and barley.Nile was the main food resource.They used the Nile for fishing.They used the Nile for drinking water.
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