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EDD704Human Resources Summer 2016

No description

Debby Collins

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of EDD704Human Resources Summer 2016

The minimum salary that a teacher would get
in 4 years is: $37,908, and the maximum is

But when teacher's have taught children for 6 years, their salary will then grow. So their minimum salary will then be: $45,506, and maximum: $70,684
Concordia University
Debby Collins, EdD, Facilitator of Learning

May 7, 2016

EDD 704 Strategic Human Resources Management and Development
12:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Saturday, May 7, 2016

Class Agreements


APA Pre-Test -
Indentation on reference page.

Book citations.
APA requires a
title page.

Title page and abstract.
In-text citations.

Reference list
Online information from
websites - date accessed.
What questions do you have?
Make a list of areas needing
APA review.

You will be ready!
authors in-text
and reference
EDD 704 Course Syllabus
1. Read through Course Learning Outcomes
and identify priorities. (pages 1 &2)
2. Assessment of Course Learning
Outcomes (page 3)
3. Course Stucture (pages 4 - 7)
4. Textbooks and other readings (page 8)
5. Discussion Board Reflections/Responses
(page 9. 10 & 11)
6. Assignment #1 (page 12 & 13)
7. Assignment #2 (page 14-16)
8. Assignment #3 (page 17 & 18)

Read the articles, looking for examples of APA Format conventions.
Identify abstract, in-text citations, methods, conclusions, references.
Discuss the problem; method of research conducted; conclusion and recommendations.
Two Roads
Ryan (China)

“Teaching abroad is great.  Living abroad is amazing.  You learn all sorts of things about other cultures and about yourself.  It is by far the most eye opening and incredible experience I have had.  Financially I'm saving more money if I had gotten a job back in the states and I am living a higher standard of life.  I'm learning a language and learning about a culture.”
Mandy (Hayfork, CA)

“I was hired as a Credentialed Teacher for the After School Program Coordinator position, I am a certificated staff and I get all the same pay and benefits as a classroom teacher. -  I’m doing well! I love my 4th grade class, they are so wonderful! I am very lucky! I was moved from the After-School Program Coordinator position to 4th grade. I was able to gain experience while proving myself and here I am teaching 4th grade.  I am also the Athletic Director and Girls Basketball coach this year.”

Review of course expectations (assignments, time considerations, agreements,
Blackboard, Tuesday, Live Virtual Sessions
APA Pre-test (PollEverywhere)
Research Articles Review
Webb & Norton (2012), Chapter 1
Perceived Leader Integrity Scale (PLIS)

A. Pair Up
B. Discuss
1. Previous Educational
Experiences (K-pres.)
2. Key Learning in MA
3. Expectations for EDD
4. Something Unique
5. Share out
1. Live Virtual Sessions
a. Groups
b. Time
c. Issues?
2. Discussion Board
a. Rigorous Questions/
b. Due Dates/Times
3. Assignments
a. Turn-in online
b. Prior review
5. F2F - Protocol
Student Outcomes
Textbooks/Other Reading
Evaluation Outcomes
Assignments/Due Dates

Pearson, L.C. & Moomaw, W. (2005)
The relationship between teacher
autonomy and stress, work
satisfaction, empowerment and
professionalism. Educational
Research Quarterly, 29(1), pp.

Motivation, cont.

Webb & Norton, Human Resources Administration:
Personnel Issues and Needs in Education
Chapter 1
A. Human Resources Administration

1. Processes - Resource planning, recruitment, selection, induction, collective bargaining, motivation of personnel and protection of personnel.
B. Organizational Chart in School Districts - page 13
C. Human Resources Administrator - page 17
D. Ethics - page 19
E. Discussion Question - What are your expectations for an HR office?

Roberson, S. (2011). Defying the default culture
and creating a culture of possibility.
Education, 131(4), pp. 885-904.

Karadag, E., Kilicoglu, G., & Yilmaz, D. (2014).
Organizational cynicism, school culture, and
academic achievement: The study of
structural equation modeling. Educational
Sciences: Theory & Practice, 14(1), pp. 102-113.

Pearson L.C. & Moomaw, W. (2005). The relationship
between teacher autonomy and stress, Work
satisfaction, empowerment and professionalism.
Educational Research Quarterl, 29(1), pp. 38-54.
What questions do you have?
Perceived Leader Integrity Scale (PLIS)
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