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Math Vocabulary

English does math. Get it.

Matt Jennings

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Math Vocabulary

We're going to beat it


Do now: write five ways
you've worked in math this year. what are 5 things you've learned? So we know some things. this is good.

but if we don't understand the words on the test... how can we succeed? So today, we're going to learn/review
some math words. by knowing these words,
we know what the math taks questions are asking.

and if we know what the questions are asking, then
we can find the right answer. and if we find the right answer.... First word integer:
any number (positive, negative and zero) Factor: two or more expressions that are
multiplied together to get a product the word:
(i.e. integer) a drawing:
(6, -5, 0) The definition:

Any number
(positive, negative, and zero) FRONT BACK the word:
A Drawing: The Definition: FRONT BACK Term: A number, a variable or a product of numbers and variables
that can be added or subtracted in an expression.

Example: 3x - 2x - 1

The terms are: 3x , -2x, -1 2 2 FRONT BACK second word third word Fourth word VAriable: A letter used to represent a number value
in an expression or an equation 4+X=5 I'm a variable! THIS could be you!!!! or you! or a bunch of you! Expression: A mathematical phrase which can
contain numbers, operation signs
and at least one variable 4x + 9x - 5 2 Equation: A mathematical phrase which can
contain numbers, operation signs,
at least one variable

Y= 4x + 9x - 5 2 SIXTH WORD FIFTH WORD EXPONENT: THE SMALL NUMBER THAT TELLS YOU HOW MANY TIMES YOU MULTIPLY 4x 2 I'M AN EXPONENT!! 4x 1 WHEN IT DOESN'T HAVE AN EXPONENT, IT'S ALWAYS 1! 4x WHAT'S THE EXPONENT HERE? 4x + 9x - 5 2 seventh word coefficient: The number multiplying a variable

Also known as the number in front of the variable I'm a coefficient! I'm a coefficient! I'm a coefficient! Perimeter: The sum of the lengths of the side

Think: Addition! x x x x P = x + X + X + X eighth word ninth word X X x * x = x 2 Area: The extent of a flat region measured in squared units

coefficient: The number multiplying a variable in an algebraic expression

also known as the number in front of the variable or "x" 4x + 9x - 5 2 I'm a coefficient! I'm a coefficient! tenth word Volume: A measurement of space or capacity.

V= L X W x H

Think: Multiplication!!!
Angle: The union of two rays with a common
endpoint called a vertex Radius: The distance from the center
to a point on the circle Diameter: The distance across a circle
through its cener circumfrence: The distance around a circle Parallel: two lines are parallel if they
never intersect Perpendicular: two lines that intersect at a
90 degree angle (a "t") Intercept: coordinate point at which a line, curve or
or surface intersects a coordinate axis Enlargement: to make bigger using a scale factor x 3 scale factor Commission: The profit you make from sales
(usually expressed in percentages)
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