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Talk to me

No description

xu He

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Talk to me

Talk to Me By Ding Meng
He Xu
Xie Chaopei Hi Cara,
I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet yesterday. They just fell in love with each other so quickly! Unbelievable!! Would you please tell me if it’s the true love? Or just the passion?
So confused…
Claire >.< What can you do in 5 days?

Let Shakespeare tell you! Day 1 Romeo: changed from Rosaline to Juliet; love at first sight; kissed
Juliet: waited to meet some guy; love at first sight; kissed
Day 2 Romeo: broke into Juliet’s garden; got married;
Juliet: expressed her love; got married
Day 3 Romeo: lost a friend; killed Tybalt;
Juliet: lost a cousin Tybalt;
Romeo: got banished
Juliet: was forced to marry Count Paris; pretended to be dead
Romeo: killed Paris; killed himself
Juliet: revived; killed herself
Day 4 DAY 5 Ivy & Jack Too young to know
what love is Old enough for marriage
in that era Is five days long
enough to prove
true love? Their love has
stood the test Time? Romeo is fickle and
reckless, not mature
enough for true love Holy Saint Francis!
What a change this is!
Is Rosaline, who you did love so dearly,
So soon forsaken?
Young men's love, then, lies
Not truly in their hearts,
but in their eyes Romeo's death is
the best proof for
his true love There are a thousand Romeo and Juliet in a thousand people's eyes. Romeo&Juliet
Forbidden Fruit
Effect The interference is not
the reason why they
fall in love but the
powerful catalyst.
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