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Machu Picchu

No description

Lashawna Beach

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Machu Picchu

By: Lashawna Beach
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Discovery of Machu Picchu
Hiram Bingham's Findings
Significance of Machu Picchu
Bingham was searching for the city of Vilcabamba - last Inca refuge
1912 -1915 - Excavated ceramic vessels, silver statues, jewelry, and over 100 burials
Intact cultural/religious site -- left untouched







** Youtube video - Credit to the Travel Channel
15th Century Inca mountainous site (7,970 ft) in Peru, South America
abandoned due to smallpox outbreak, civil war, and death of Pachacuti
16 glorious fountains, hundreds of terraces, distinctive drainage system
royal estate or residence for emperor Pachacuti
1911 - Gain attention by Hiram Bingham III
Local 11 year-old boy led Bingham up to Machu Picchu
Bingham coined the term: "The Lost City of the Incas"

His conclusion led to "sacred landscape" theory -- derived power by being physically connected to nature
Bingham and his bone expert, Dr. George Eaton 's conclusion: 80% of the dead were women! "Virgins of the Sun."
Custody Battle
1912 -
Bingham took findings to Yale University for a period of 18 months
despite opposition
Eliane Karp accused Yale of profiting from their claiming title to thousands of pieces removed by Bingham
ALL artifacts should be returned to a Peruvian authorities
One of the first discoveries on film
Solar observatories/sacred landscape
Transformed mountain slopes into farmland
Built city without the wheel, iron, and a written language!
Masters of ashlar
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