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Ben Carson

No description

Ashley Ramos

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Ben Carson

The Ben Carson Story Gifted Hands Conflict Exposition Resolution Falling Action Rising Action Climax Characters By: Ashley Ramos In Ben Carson there is a conflict. This conflict is Man vs Self. He had known since he was eight that he wanted to be a doctor. The problem was that he was academically last in his class. This was a big problem because if he wanted to be a doctor and get into medical school he would need to have good grades in school. Ben's mother knows he can do better in school and pushes him to do his best. She makes Curtis and Ben do multiple things to make them better in school. This included learning their times tables, reading two books per week, and watching no more than three television programs a week. This is where you meet Ben, Curtis, and their mother. They live in Detroit, Michigan. Next you find out that their father left them for another woman. At the beginning Ben is sad, but learns they don't need their father. Sadly, his mother does not brush it off that easily. She ends up checking herself into a mental institution to deal with it. Every story has at least one climax. The main one in this story is about the Binder twins. The Binders were Siamese twins joined at the head. No one had ever successfully separated that type before. Ben and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution tried and even though it had seemed impossible, they succeeded. Sonya Carson- Sonya is the mother of Ben and Curtis Carson. She is the one who pushed them to do their best in school even though she herself only has a third grade education. Sonya was a very strong willed person. Even so, her divorce took so much of a toll from her that she went to a mental institution several times. Candy Carson/Lacena Rustin- Her real name being Lacena, she always went by Candy. Candy was a pretty girl, a wonderful musician, she was very smart, and always positive. Being the first girl Ben really liked she married him on July 6, 1975. Curtis Carson- Curtis is Ben Carson's brother. He was also at the bottom of his class in school, but like Ben, his grades raised sufficiently higher than they were. He joined the Navy after his first year of college and is now an engineer. Ben Carson- He is known as a world class neurosurgeon ever since he successfully separated Siamese twins joined at the head for the first time. When he was in school he was at the bottom of his class, but with some hard work he got to where he is today. T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. This story concludes in a very happy way. Candy had another baby boy. Ben is extremely busy which is good and bad. It is bad because he had no time with his family or church. Cutting back on doing his favorite things he got to do all of the important things. The falling action occurs in every story after the climax. The climax in Gifted Hands was about the Binder twins, therefore the falling action is about their recovery. The reporters covering the story twisted the doctors words to make it seem like the surgery would turn out badly. Fortunately, the Binders get to live their lives separately.
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