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Strategic Plan

Public relations plan

Lauren Krizel

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Strategic Plan

Environmental Non-Profit Campaign for DC residents to drink tap water instead of bottled water WHY? Plastic water bottles require 47 million gallons of oil to produce a year Plus energy to ship and distribute product 80% plastic bottles end up in landfills or oceans 1.5 million tons of waste per year Bottled water = Tap water Bottled water is overpriced Less stringent regulations Consumption of bottled water is growing 7% a year $50-100 million industry Decrease sales of bottled water by 30% by 2011. Increase sales of reusable bottles by 15% by 2011. Education



Price Audiences: Stores that sell bottled water Stores that sell reusable bottles DC Water and Sewage Authority College Campuses DC Office Buildings Environmental Organizations Strategies: Messages: Tactics: Calendar: MAKE the SWITCH face-to-face meetings press releases advertising editorials Research in Feb/March Launch during World Water Week Events around Earth Day Ramp up during summer Evaluation research end of 2010 Events: film screenings, taste tests Advertising Press releases Reusable water bottle giveaways Be kind to the environment and your wallet. Trade water jugs for the tap. Join us in the fight against bottled water. Drink tap. Stock your shelves with reusable bottles instead of bottled water. It will save money and your conscience. Make the switch. fossil fuel use waste taste $1 for 20 oz VS. 1 cent for 1 gallon safety price industry Evaulation/Research Situation Objectives: Office Buildings Other environmental organizations Stores that sell bottled water sales information polls
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