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Theology IV 2012

kolby anderson

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of Morality

MORALITY 21. How might the failures or scandals of some Catholics harm the spread of the Gospel? What is the proper response to those who use this is an excuse to reject the Christian message? 22. What is the "vocation"shared by all the baptized? 23. God calls everyone, but each individual must respond. What is the proper response to God's Call? 24. Explain discipleship. 25. Sanctifying grace enables a person to share the actual life of Christ, explain what this means in the life of a Christian. 26. Explain the following terms: "Put on Christ", "born again," and "formed in Christ." 27. Someone might say that as long as you love God, your actions are not relevant. Using the image of the tree and its fruit, explain why this idea is not correct. Using the same image, explain what must come before good moral actions. hy th 28. What is the purpose of "the will"? 29. The Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist fortify a person in living a virtuous life. Explain. 30. Explain what the parable of the talents has to do with moral actions. . It’s a call from God to become completely centered in Christ.
Helps Catholics and Christians to take a religious career.
Strengthens our faith with Jesus Christ. The only appropriate response to our call to holiness is to live our life by the example of Jesus Christ, his dispositions, actions, and teachings.
Following the Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes. The relationship between teacher and disciple describes the relationship between Christ and those who believe in him.
Discipleship is also one who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.
A Disciple is one of the original followers of Jesus. A person who is identified with Christ and consequently lives his life in this manner sees the world in a whole new way.
This growth in union with Jesus Christ enables the person to see infinite wisdom and love with which God has created the world.
In the life of a Christian, it is appropriate to share the knowledge of the life of Christ, who is Jesus. ones actions are relivant regardless if they love god
because they reflect one's values and moral disposition. like a good tree which bears fruit we are called to act justly to reflect our discipleship of Christ. The story about the tree and its fruit teaches us that if we value good virtues then it will show through our actions. grow in strength
avoid transgressing the moral law. Some of us are born into abundance while others are born into scarcity. But what matters isn’t what we’re given it’s what we do with it that matters. To be born again means, a spiritual rebirth.
To put on christ means to be so public, so notorious, and so blatant about your relationship with christ that it can be observed and noted without contradiction.
To be formed in Christ means to be molded through faith. They might not believe the gospel in total;
Those who reject this christian message, the proper response is to show them the readings themselves and explain the message the gospel teaches. We can gradually become imcorporated into the life of christ through the holy spirit. http://www.web-church.com/christian_discipleship_outline.htm
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