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The ICS Journey

Explore the journey of the Intercultural Studies Major at Emmaus Bible College.

Joel Hernandez

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of The ICS Journey

1st Year fall
Missions & Evangelism 1
This is the beginning of your ICS formation. Here you will understand the importance of the Great Commission, you learn to share your faith, how to tell your story, you will practice evangelism in an American context, and begin thinking outside the box through creative projects.
Your journey
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
1st Year
History of Missions
By understanding history, its key players, evaluating the strategies they used, and the hinges upon which the history of the expansion of the Gospel turned, you will develop a historically-informed framework that will shape your cross-cultural critical thinking.
Understand own worldview
Able to cross cultures
Synthesize worldviews
Contextualize the Gospel
Fulfill the Great Commission
2nd Year
Missionary Life & Work
The journey continues as you explore practical principles that prepare you for cross-cultural ministry. Topics include the missionary call, qualifications for service, how one gets sent, logistics of moving and living abroad, culture shock, learning the language, and much more!
3rd Year
2nd Year
Missions & Evangelism 2
This experience will help you see the big picture. As an overiew of every facet of the missionary task, you will understand how the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives come together to shape our contemporary understanding of missiology and missions.
Church Planting & Growth
This analysis of the church structure and function will shed light on the principles and techniques involved, both in planting a growing and reproducing church in any culture, and in evaluating an existing church to develop a strategy for its growth.
Comparative Religions
At this point in the journey you will come to understand the major world religions: Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, Islam and Humanism. Each will be evaluated in light of biblical Christianity.
Cultural Anthropology
Transforming a world view requires a deep understanding of culture. Here you will acquire the tools that will help you decypher a foreign culture. An Ethnography Project is at the core of the course, encouraging to begin research on the culture of your internship.
3rd Year
ICS Internship!
It's time to move out of the classroom . . . this is the semester you go overseas for your internship! The internship makes theory come alive as you experience life abroad, research the culture, learn the language, and serve alongside an experienced mentor on the field. Definitely one of high points of your ICS journey!
4th Year
Cross-Cultural Communication
In order to transform a worldview, the Gospel must be contextualized cross-culturally. Here you will come to understand the principles of such process. A Contextualiztion Project is at the core of this course, informed by the observations you made during your internship.
Urban Ministries
Prepare to enlarge your vision, your heart, and your burden. The diversity and complexity of urban life is full of challenges and opportunities for ministry. Here you will learn about these challenges and opportunities, and develop strategies to make a difference in the lives of people.
4th Year
Issues in Missions
This course is the capstone course for the ICS major. The crucible of Bible, theology, intercultural studies and cross-cultural experience will be the anvil upon which you forge critical thinking, as you debate controversial issues in missiology and cross-cultural ministry.
Context Studies Elective
Each year one of the following contexts is offered:
Roman Catholic, Far Eastern, Islamic, European, Hindu, or other. This is your opportunity to go deeper into the religious/cultural context of your choice. You don't have to wait until year four; if your choice comes up sooner, snag it!
Furthermore, the ICS major has room for you to add a minor along the way, such as . . .
the TESOL Minor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages),
the Church Planting & Revitalization minor,
the Biblical Counseling minor,
the Minor in Biblical Languages,
the minor in Business,
a Minor in Computer Applications in Ministry,
or others!
Keep in mind that the goal is to . . .
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