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Does Gender Affect Reaction Time?

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Sophie von Weiler

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Does Gender Affect Reaction Time?

by Sophie von Weiler Does Gender Affect Reaction Time? Hypothesis & What I will Need My hypothesis is that males have a faster reaction rate than women. Men are built by evolution to do work and it makes sense as to why they then would have a faster reaction time (muscle mass 70% more). Dependent, Independent, Constant Parameters and Difficulties Dependent variable: amount of time it takes to catch the ruler
Independent variable: how far the ruler will fall in a certain amount of time
Constant Parameters: ruler, table, chair, timer
Difficulties?: timing--> the reaction time will be pretty fast so it will be kind of hard to time, but with a little practice it’ll be okay. Results I will need:
-a ruler
-a table
-a subject (many of them)
-a timer (person)
-a timer (thing) Conclusion My conclusion is that the guys' reaction was faster, although there was not a very big difference between the two genders. This was an interesting [and stressful] experiment, because it was a question I have asked myself many times before and now I have an answer. Some things I would change if I did it next time is:

-more test subjects (with a variety of ages)
-more accurate timer (with microseconds if possible)
-more time
-note to self: be more ORGANIZED next time!
!Bad results because the timer wasn't accurate enough! Sources Boys first try cm: 20/10=2cm
Boys first try ms: 9/10=0.9ms
Girls first try cm: 35/10=3.5cm
Girls first try ms: 12/10=1.2ms
Boys second cm: 15/10=1.5cm
Boys second ms: 10/10=1ms
Girls second cm: 41/10=4.1cm
Girls second ms: 13/10=1.3ms
Boys third cm: 13/10=1.3cm
Boys third ms: 10/10=1ms
Girls third cm: 62/10=6.2cm
Girls third ms: 22/10=2.2ms Intro. http://scienceinseconds.com/blog/When-the-Gun-Goes-Off



http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_are_reaction_times_important Reaction time is important because it is being able to react quickly and appropriately to certain situations. Reaction time in sports is probably one of the most obvious, especially the 100m sprint. The pictures below depict Florence Griffith-Joyner and Usain Bolt, the fastest man and woman in the world. They both hold the world record in the 100 and 200 meter sprints.
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