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Babies First Year Expense

No description

Jordan Robinson

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Babies First Year Expense

Bathtub: $50
Crib: $400
Car seat: $150
Highchair: $150
Baby swing: $150
Stroller: $140
Baby swing: $150
Walker: $100

Dishes: $20
Bottles: $50
Childproofing supplies: $100
Crib mobile & toys: $150
Crib Set: $250
Blankets: $100
Photographer: $300

Estimated cost for 12 months;
Undershirts: $80
Socks/Tights: $60
Booties/Shoes: $80
Pj's: $160
Sweaters: $60
Snowsuit/Jackets: $90
Mittens: $60
Other/Dresses: $250

Cost for 12 months:
Shampoo: $90
Oil&Lotion: $60
Powder/Ointment: $120
Cotton balls: $40
Baby wipes: $200
Laundry Detergent: $120
The average cost to diaper a child using disposable diapers for 12 months is about $672

Babies First Year Expenses

Formula Costs Per Month: $137
Doctor/Hospital: $250
Health Insurance: Free
Prenatal Vitamins: $10
Baby Vitamins: $60

Total Cost Including Diapers: $1512
Total Cost: $630

Baby Foods & Cereals: $100 per month
Total Feeding Cost Per Year:
Total: $990
Total Cost: $970
Total Cost: $320

Clothing: $1,512
Feeding: $2,844
Sundries: $630
Equipment: $990
Supplies: $970
Medical: $320

Weekly: $139.73
Monthly: $605.5
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