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David Suzuki

No description

Mayumi Ramos

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of David Suzuki

Suzuki has won many awards. In 1976 he won the Order of Canada Officer, in 1986 he received the UNESCO’s Kalinga prize for Science and the Order of British Columbia in 1995 as well as many other international awards. David Suzuki has also been nominated as one of the 10 Greatest Canadians.
David Suzuki
Early Life
David Suzuki had an unpleasant experience in his early life. When Canada had declared war on Japan (1942), his father was sent to a labour camp, where he was forced to do manual work. Two months later, Suzuki’s mother, siblings, and himself were sent to a separate camp. When World War 2 ended, Suzuki and his family moved to London, Ontario, where they worked for his father’s brother’s construction company.
David Suzuki is the oldest of 5. He has a twin sister named Marcia. He has two other younger siblings, Geraldine and Dawn Suzuki. His mother, Setsu Nakamura, died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1984 (74 years old). His father, Kaoru Carr Suzuki, died at 85. David Suzuki married Setsuko Sunahara in 1958, had three children (Laura, Tamiko, and Troy) and divorced in 1965. In 1972, he married Tara Cullis, and they had two daughters, Sarika and Severn.
David Suzuki went to Mill Street Elementary School and Grade 9 at Leamington Secondary School. When his family moved to London, Ontario, he attended London Central Secondary School. Then, he went to Amherst College and received his PhD in Zoology at the University Of Chicago. He also attended Berkeley, California to take his studies further.
David Suzuki was a famous science broadcaster. In 1979, he hosted “The Nature of Things”. He had two television series, “The Secret of Life”, and a hit series, “A Planet for the Taking”. He also had a mini television series, “The Sacred Balance”. He was also a science activist, he was a co-founder of “The David Suzuki Foundation”.
Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki is a world-renowned scientist and broadcaster. He was born on March 24, 1936 (77 years old) in Vancouver, Canada. He is a third generation Japanese-Canadian. David Suzuki became famous for his love of science and for his work as a science broadcaster.
The David SuzukiFoundation
David Suzuki is a co-founder of The David Suzuki Foundation, which was opened officially in 1991. It concentrates mainly on climate change, global warming, and other environmental issues.

In conclusion, I think that David Suzuki is caring, because he cares for the enviroment, loving, because he loves nature, and devoted, because he is very devoted to his work and to nature.
By: Mayumi
David Suzuki with his wife and mother
David Suzuki Foundation logo
20 year anniversary of The David Suzuki foundation
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