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War of 1812

No description

Au Her

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of War of 1812

October- November
This was the year that stared it all. The british started to take our american sailors and would force the sailors to work of the them. They stared doing this because many of there sailors moved to the us because they were kicked out of the british maritime. So they joined the us maritime and became sailors for the US. So the British were basically taking back their sailors. This began the impressment.
James Madison delivered a report concerning the British interference and the taking of our sailors(impressment). Causing anti-British feelings to become happier. James Madison at the time was the Secretary of state.

June 1807
The american ship "Chesapeake" was attacked by the british ship "Leopard" making it an international incident. we began to lose trust in the british and cut of trade ship with them. this also killed many of our sailors.
December 1807
Thomas Jefferson forced embargo which cut off our trading system with the british and follows with an economic disaster for many of the american vendors and buyers from Great Britain. Making Great Britain angry with us causing tension. Thomas Jefferson at the time was the president of the united states.
James Madison became the 4 president of the united states. He was apart of the democrat-republican party. Madison was married to Dolley Payne Todd Madison and had two sons by the names of John Payne Todd, and William Isaac Todd who died at three months old, the same day as his father. Through his presidency he declared the war of 1812, he wrote the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He had two vice presidents (George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry) who both died in office.
The US congress created a group. Their leaders were John C. Calhoun from South Carolina, Henry Clay from Kentucky, and Felix Grundy from Tennessee. This group was the war hawks they were a group of people who wanted war and enforced it a pond the congress. They also believed that war was good for our country. also at the time the Battle of Tippecanoe was occurring.
June of 1812
America declares war on Great Britain. Madison Signed a declaration of war that congress passed (even though they did not fully agree.) Without America's knowledge 2 days earlier Britain announced that they would revoke any of America's orders. Riots stared to break out because of the start of the war.
July 1812
General William goes into Canada which was 1 of 3 failed attempts to invade Canada. General William was an American soldier who was mostly known for surrendering at Fort Detroit for the British. Riots continued to happen in Baltimore because of the war.
August of 1812
General William surrenders to General Isaac Brock at Detroit. General Isaac was a british soldier. Riots continued to happen at Baltimore because of the war.
October of 1812
General Isaac was killed at the battle of Queen son Heights which is now Canada. He died while on a horse when american soldiers shot him.
January of 1813
The British and Native Americans repelled American troops at the Battle of French town which is now Michigan. American survivors are killed the next day in the Raisin River Massacre which is now Michigan.
April of 1813
The American troops took over the City of York (which is now Toronto,Canada) and burned it down. (The British will have come back in the future.) ;)
May of 1813
The encirclement of Fort Meigs (Ohio). so the british and native americans both closed off e Americans at Fort Meigs and basically held them hostage with no food or water.
August of 1813
Captain Perry defeated the british at the battle of Thames (which is now Canada). Captain Perry was an american soldier, His full name was Captain Oliver Hazard Perry.
October of 1813
Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of Thames (which is now Canada). The Battle of Thames was also know as the Battle of Moraviantown. American troops defeated the british and Native Americans.
November of 1813
The battle of crysler's farm (which is now canada). the battle of crysler's farm was a victory of the British and Native Americans, even though they were out numbered by the Americans they won.
July of 1814
The Battle of Chippewa (Canada) and the Battle of Lundy's Lane (Niagara falls Ontario, Canada). The Battle of Chippewa was a win for America. The Battle of Lundy's Lane was a win for American troops. It was the bloodiest war in the war of 1812. The Battle of Lundy's Lane also known as the Battle of Niagara Falls
August of 1812
Peace negotiations began in Ghent. Ghent is a city in Belgium. On the 24-25 of August the British marched down and burnt down Washington D.C. in because of the American troops burning down the city of york.
September of 1813
Battle of Platts burg on lake Champlain is a major American Victory securing it's northern border. the battle of Baltimore takes place at Fort McHenry where Francis Scott key wrote the star spangled banner.
Star Spangled Banner (National anthem)
The national anthem was written in inspiration of the battle of Baltimore. Francis Scott was the one to write the national anthem. It was written at the Battle of Baltimore which was on September of 1813. Francis Scott Key was a gifted poet. Acorrding to Smithsonian "Inspired by the sight of the American flag flying over Fort McHenry the morning after the bombardment, he scribbled the initial verse of his song on the back of a letter. Back in Baltimore, he completed the four verses (PDF) and copied them onto a sheet of paper, probably making more than one copy. A local printer issued the new song as a broadside. Shortly afterward, two Baltimore newspapers published it, and by mid-October it had appeared in at least seventeen other papers in cities up and down the East Coast."
December of 1813
The treaty of Ghent was when Americans and great Britain diplomats agreed to the status quo from before the war . the status quo was basically means "the state in which" and the existing state of affairs. The treaty of Ghent was a peace treaty that ended the War of 1812, but it did not really stop the war.
The war of 1812
Three main causes of the war
1. Canada
2. Embargo Act
3. Impressment
January of 1815
Andrew Jackson defeated the british at the battle of New Orleans. the battle of new orleans was the final major battle in the war of 1812. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the united states. he was married to Rachel Donelson and he ahd no biological children but did have but he had 3 adopted sons and was the guardian for 8 more children.
February of 1815
The peace treaty is confirmed and president Madison declares the war to be over.
That was the END of the War of 1812
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