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Cut by Patricia McCormick

No description

Aileen Coria

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Cut by Patricia McCormick

SETTING PLOT Cut By Patricia
McCormick Aileen Coria 8th Hour Blake Bliss - 'Cutting & Self Harm' | Beyond Obscurity In the book Callie uses cutting and self-harm and this goes more in depth of the topic of self harm. Theme: The story takes place in a medical help center, if you will, called Sea Pines. It takes place in present time. Protagonist/ antagonist The main character, Callie, is both the protagonist and antagonist of this novel.
She's very self-disciplined and independent. She is very lost and patient. Callie is very hesitant about what she does. Callie's counselor(whose name is never revealed) is very straight forward and helpful. She is a good listener. She's caring. She's determined to help Callie. She is also very trust-worthy. She is the first person Callie spoke to at Sea Pines. Sydney is Callie's roommate at Sea Pines or Sick Minds as Sydney call it. she was the first person to show concern when it is revealed that Callie does cut her herself in Group. She was Callie's first friend at Sea Pines. Sydney is a very caring, sarcastic, hilarious, optimistic, and calm person. Amanda is a girl who is in Sea Pines for the exact same reason as Callie, self-harm and cutting. She is very outrageous and out there unlike all the other girls in the novel. She says what she thinks and that bothers most of the girls. Especially the girls that are anorexic,bulimic, or have other eating disorders. She talks about self harm like if it were a hobby or something she did for fun instead of the awful thing it really is. She makes Callie and herself sound like freaks and monsters. Ruby is someone Callie trusts the most in Sea Pines. She see's Ruby as sort of a mom-like figure. Callie feels very comfortable just with Ruby's presence. Ruby is also a very comforting and warm-hearted person. A pie plate is significant in the story because in Sea Pines "guests" or patients can't have any sharp objects of any sort. They can't even use regular pencils. They have to use special pencils. One day during lunch Callie rips apart a pie plate and takes it with her without anyone knowing. One night Callie ripped the pie plate piece even more and construed it as a weapon and cut herself pretty deep. Then going to Ruby for help to stop the bleeding. To Lindsey Stirling, to transcend something isn't just to get passed it. It's to completely overcome it. Callie was just ignoring the fact that she needed help to end her self-harm but she finally overcame her own ignorance and knew that she didn't just need to get better, she WANTED to. In the book, Callie's brother, Sam, has really bad asthma so he spends a lot of time in the hospital. Before Callie was in Sea Pines for treatment, whenever she would visit Sam at the hospital, she and Sam would play Connect Four. At first Callie said that she would let him win just to make him feel good but after a while he became good at vertical thinking, therefore beating Callie every time. Playing Connect Four is something that Callie grew fond of and enjoys to do with Sam. Transcendence by Lindsey Stirling Even the most difficult times can be overcome. Callie establishes that she really wants to get better but she doesn't know how. Her confusion kind of plagued her with frustration and in the end quite the deal of suffering. But after "running away" from Sea Pines and talking to her dad and spending time with him, things seem a bit more clear as to how AND why she wants to get better. Therefore, overcoming, or getting on the road to overcoming, her self harm and guilt. Rescue 911 is a show that started in 1989 and ended in 1996. Callie loves this show because she enjoys seeing people being saved and having happy endings. Although she thinks there's no hope for her to be saved from her own experiences and that there is no hope for her having a happy ending. Objects of Significance Challenging Words Development My definition: a neighborhood that isn't quite complete. Doilies My definition: some kind of frilly cloth Dictionary definition: An ornamental mat, typically made of lace and placed under decorative objects. Dictionary definition: a large group of private houses or of apartment houses, often of similar design, constructed as a unified community, especially by a real-estate developer or government organization. Nook My definition: A place of isolation Dictionary Definition: A corner or recess, esp. one offering seclusion or security: "the nook beside the fire". In my book "Cut" the story takes place in Sea Pines, a help center for people with disorders or are addicted to drugs. A rehab center if you will. The rehab center may be just for girls because no male characters of any sort are revealed at all in the book. Callie, a 15 year old girl, is sent to Sea Pines because she uses self-harm as a coping mechanism after seeing her own brother, Sam who has asthma, almost die in her arms at a young age. Callie doesn't speak to anyone at Sea Pines or Sick Minds as the girls call it. She also doesn't think she needs help to stop her own self-destruction. The book is written as though Callie would be speaking to her counselor. At first, when Callie starts her treatment and meets with her counselor, she doesn't talk. They sit there for the hour that they're suppose to meet for, and basically stare at each other. Callie just sits there thinking that the treatment and being there is unnecessary and her counselor waits for Callie to talk and cooperate with the treatment for once. Twice a day Callie and the girls are forced to go to Group Therapy, a group that sits in a circle and talks about what's on their minds. It's like girl talk kind of. Callie hates going to Group because she thinks the girls are stupid and over dramatic. Claire, the Group leader, always tries to get Callie to talk.
Which leads to her failing and Callie not talking of course.

When at lunch Callie finds a way to get a piece of a pie plate in her pocket while everyone was distracted. Callie figures that she can tear it apart to create a sharp edge to cut and self destruct. One day a new girl called Amanda joins Group. Claire asks if she wants to tell them why she's at Sea Pines. Amanda says nothing and just takes off her sweatshirt and holds out her arms like an offering and shows all of her pink scars. When everyone asks why she does it she says "Beats me. Low self esteem.Poor impulse control. Repressed hostility. Right?" addressing this to Claire. Amanda refers to cutting herself as "self expression" and "body decoration". Before Amanda came to Group that day and spoke about self harm the way she did, no one knew why Callie was at Sea Pines for except for Claire and her counselor. So when Amanda says that she can control the urge to use self harm, Claire asks Callie if she can control it. At that moment, everyone knew what Callie was there for. She grows hatred toward Amanda, Claire, and Sea Pines just because people knew why she was there.

Since Callie has been resisting the treatment, Sea Pines is considering sending her home. Her school doesn't want her back either not until she has treatment. At nighttime after lights out, and when Sydney, Callie's roommate, was asleep, Callie took out the piece of pie plate she had in her pocket. She folded it and tore it to create a sharp, jagged edge and dug it into her wrist. However, this time Callie did not feel the same sensational relief as she usually did. As blood began to spill from her arm, she got scared and looked for the lady at the desk who she is particularly fond of, Ruby and shows her her arm to ask for help.

The next day, Callie went to her counselor's office early and waited for her until she came. When she came she was curious as to why Callie was there. They went into her office and she asked her why she was there. And for the first time in a long time, Callie spoke. She told her counselor that she was scared but she still wanted treatment. She wanted help. When they start again at their regular time later in the day, Callie tell her counselor about her brother, Sam's, asthma. After Christmas. Callie was helping Sam build a tabletop hockey game that Sam had gotten for Christmas. Callie got angry with Sam because he put the stickers on wrong and yelled at him. Sam started to cry and Callie just ignored him until he started to pull on her sleeve. He couldn't breathe. He was sick. Callie called her mom and ran to a bar that her dad was at. She told her dad that Sam was sick and they dorve back. Sam could've died right in front of Callie if she hadn't called her parents. After that Callie blamed herself for Sam's asthma even though it couldn't have possibly been her fault. After hanging out with the girls, Callie realizes that she can really truly bond with them and for once she actually belongs with the people around her. One day while talking to Amanda about cutting they both say they wouldn't get rid of their scars if they had the choice to because they tell a story about them.

One day one of the employees at Sea Pines told Callie that she should get some fresh air and do something. So Callie ran out of the building and kept running until she was on the interstate. She didn't know where she was so she called her dad through a phone booth. Her dad comes to pick her up at a Dunkin Donuts that was nearby. They talk about how she's doing and have a father daughter moment. Her dad takes Callie back to Sea Pines and when he asks Callie what she wants, Callie says she wants to get better completely.
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