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No description

Katie Alpaugh

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of PATH

Diverse partners - public, private, and non-profit

Community Engagement
Background digging
Create affordable, effective, and culturally relevant solutions with long-lasting health impacts

Market Dynamics
Create market-based solutions to bring health products and services
PATH: A Catalyst for Global Health
Honorable Mention: (RED)
(RED) raises money to eventually eliminate the AIDS virus completely
Founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver
Providing treatment and medicine to sick
Uses sales of several (RED) sponsored products to raise money
Raised $215 Million through sales of (RED) products and donations
Didn't choose this because:
Thought of it as "Glamor-Aid"
Katie Alpaugh
Annie Casey
Lauren Sheehan
Nathan Oliver
Thomas Daniels

Why we chose PATH:


Members are passionate about their cause

Incorporates education

Good history and past success rate
9th consecutive year Charity Navigator awarded them 4 stars for financial stewardship
What They Do - Innovation is Key
Africa: HIV/AIDS

Improve AIDS protection

Vaccine development

Maternal & reproductive health
Asia: Cambodia

Vaccine for Japanese encephalitis

Develop training program
Family nutrition

Research potential help for low-income families
Water storage and treatments
APHIA II Western
AIDS, Population, and Health Integration Assistance

Provides HIV testing
Develop lifesaving health technologies
Vaccine vial monitor

Health Systems
Improve health care deliveries, policies, financing, and processes
Ensure equitable and efficient delivery
What They Do - Innovation is Key
India Convergence Project
Safeguard individual health and well-being
Convergence = linking HIV programs and Health services
What Can We do to Help?
Stay up to date and keep in touch

Tell others about PATH

Visit Path's youtube/facebook page

Provide sex education and counseling

Family planning services

HIV testing
Severe disease that involves inflammation of the brain

Virus spread by mosquitoes

GAVI Alliance provides funding to Cambodia’s immunization efforts.
Japanese encephalitis (JE)
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