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Copy of Copy of The Chimp Paradox

No description

David Stewart

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of The Chimp Paradox

You are on the bus to an interview for a job you really want and the bus breaks down...
Some quotes...
"He's really helped me, not so much with the technical side of the game but with
what's going on in my head and the mental preparation
Nurture First

Calmer and happier

Then manage
Recognise who is in charge...
Human or Chimp?
How the mind works
How do you manage your chimp?
Managing yourself and others in using the Chimp Paradox model
What could possibly go wrong?!
The Human
Survival and reproduction!
Suited to the jungle, not society!
Vulnerable stance
Body language
Male + Female chimps
Fight, flight or freeze
The Chimp
Instincts and Drives
Laws of the Jungle
Emotional Thinking
Jumps to an opinion
Thinks in black and white
Emotive judgement

Logical Thinking
In context and with perspective
Shades of grey and balanced judgement
Self-agenda (self-fulfilment)
Society agenda (harmony and peace)
Based around happiness and success
The human needs a purpose!
Emotive Thinking
Suited to the jungle!
Logical thinking
Self-fulfilment and peace
Suited to society!
The Chimp is 5x stronger than the human!
You can't fight your chimp.....but you can manage it!
"If they buy into it, he'll be able to help the players with mental preparation and make them
understand how the mind works
, especially when you're going into pressure situations."
"Steve Peters is the most important person in my career"
The Golden Rule:
Whenever you have thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you do not want or are not welcome, then
you are being hijacked by your chimp!
'But what if.....'?
'But I feel/don't feel...'
Nurture your chimp:
1. Exercising
2. Boxing
3. Bananas
Exercise your chimp!!!
1. Take the chimp to a locked compound.
2. Let it all out.
3. Listen to the chimp for as long as it takes.
4. It usually only has one idea or way of responding

If you are listening to someone else's chimp, then wait until it has finished exercising.
Box your chimp!
Using facts, truth and logic we can calm the chimp down.

e.g. 'it is a fact that life is not fair'.
1. Distractions:
a rapid pattern of actions that prevents thinking e.g. count to three then get out of bed!
2. Rewards:
Praise from others, food/drink etc.
Maybe I would have thrown in the towel a few years ago but
I tried my hardest
. He was too good.
The Computer
Two automatic functions:

1. Running automatic programmes e.g. driving a car

2. A reference source for information, beliefs and values (inputed by human and chimp!)
How fast....?
In the computer...
Gremlins and goblins
Stone of Life

Positive, constructive beliefs, behaviours and automatic functioning that
help us to be happy and successful in life
tying shoelaces, riding a bike, staying calm when something goers wrong.
(the opposite of autopilots)
Goblins are 'hard-wired'
(Very difficult to remove!)
'Fridge door syndrome'
Gremlins are soft-wired
Gremlin twins -
Unrealistic/unhelpful expectations
The 'Stone of Life'
The truths of life
Life is not fair
The goal posts move
There are no guarantees
e.g. 'lying is wrong'
The Life Force
Your own advice to yourself
You are 100 years old and have one minute left to live. Your great-great granddaughter asks you the question:
'What should I do with my life'?
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