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Copy of anti bullying assembly

No description

Kate Lawton

on 18 November 2011

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Transcript of Copy of anti bullying assembly

Bullying Speak Up Speak Out BULLYING Bullying is an ongoing and probably everlasting problem faced by students in the UK If you are being bullied remember it is not your fault and you don't have to put up with it. Let someone know what is happening to you straight away, it will help you and the bully and it is the best way to stop bullying. It is important to stop and think about what you are saying. Respect other peoples individulality Always be yourself Our message is simple, SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT!!! Remember And Have you ever seen someone being bullied? 95% of students say that they have seen someone being bullied. but how many people did something about it? 38% of students said that they wanted to help, but didn't want to get involved. 10% did not do anything Only 42% of people said they did something, to stop the bullying, but this is not enough... If you do not do anything to stop bullying when you see it, you are part of the problem. It is vital that you try and help a bullying situation, if you see it, by telling someone about it.
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