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No description

chi zhang

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of chi_zhang_contrast

Impact of Daily Life
Developed Abilities
Achievements and Loss
Impact of Daily Life
Achievements and Loss
More flexible
More busy
More unhealthy (mostly)
(London Evening Standard [London, England],2013, p. 28.) “While intrapreneurs endure the late nights, pressure and uncertainty of starting a new venture, intrapreneurs spearhead new policies and services within their existing job, keeping their stable salary.”
More resources
Stable profit
Visible future
Starting Your Own Business
Finding a Job in a Big Company
Affected by the stories of some successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs
The desire for money
The consideration of risk
How to be a intrapreneur: think bold and big -- without going it alone. (2013, August 20). London Evening Standard [London, England], p. 28. Retrieved from
Chi Zhang
Penn State
Are You Willing to Become a Millionaire
Thesis Statement & Purpose
Point-by-Point Contrast
impacts of life
developed abilities
achievements and loss

--start your own business
Thesis Statement
Starting undertaking and working in a big company have so many difference, which almost means totally different life.
Analyze difference between them
Help student make better career plan
--find a job in a big company
Sleeping Time
Daily Cost
Meal Time
More fixed
More regular
More healthy
Sleeping Time
Daily Cost
Meal Time
Thinking Method
--starting your own business
Developed Abilities
--find a job in a big company
Focus on one field
Professional skills
--start your own business
More opportunities
Initiative spirits
Valuable experience
Cost of money
Damage of health
Potential depression
(London Evening Standard [London, England],2013, p. 28.)
"Being an intrapreneur can give you the ability to gain job satisfaction, because you're able to exercise your creativity and make a meaningful impact on the business but without making a major career change."

Different choices bring different life
Realize yourself and make wise choice
Boring life
Lose creativity
Become a mediocrity
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