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MAD project Ethan C.

Nikola Tesla

student 5

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of MAD project Ethan C.

How Nikola Tesla made a difference
in our world Family/Home Life: How he made a difference: Challenges/Obstacles: By Ethan Cha Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? If you haven't, he is a famous inventor who has made our life better. He has invented many things but one of his big inventions has changed our world. In this presentation, you will learn about Nikola Tesla's childhood, challenges, and how he made a difference. Nikola Tesla was born in July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. His father Milutin Tesla called Nikola Tesla "Niko". Tesla had four siblings, Dane, Angelina, Milka, and Marica. During his childhood, a huge incident deeply affected him and his family. His older brother Dane fell off the family horse and died. Tesla never forgot that moment.

As Tesla grew up, he became more interested in science. He yearned to become an electrical engineer, but his father wanted him to be a priest. After he finished his studies in high school, he was struck with a severe stomach disease. When he arrived at home, he said to his father, " I may get better if you would let me study engineering." Tesla's father agreed that when he recovered, he could study electricity. A major thing that Tesla did to make a difference was invent the AC motor. AC stands for "alternating current". When Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, his system of electricity used DC or direct current. Tesla thought he should invent a new system of electricity. Back when Tesla was in college, he saw the Gramme Dynamo, which used DC. Tesla thought he could stop the sparks by inventing AC. AC reduces the sparks that occured with DC. In DC motors, there were special brushes inside the motor that helped create electricity. Tesla made an AC motor called the induction motor. The motor used AC and unlike the DC motors, they don't have the brushes. Today, some lightbulbs use AC. Tesla has made major improvements in our lives and our world would not be the same without him. While Tesla was inventing alternating current, he faced some challenges. One of them was when Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, Tesla thought he should be getting some of the credit because he helped Edison invent it. Not a lot of people gave him credit and he was easily forgotten. To overcome that challenge, he was going to invent a new system of electricity. Tesla was not liking the idea of direct current so that made him invent alternating current. When he showed Edison his AC motor, Edison thought it was still not safe, so Tesla and Edison became rivals. Tesla tried to perfect AC so it was safe for everyone. When he presented his AC motor, he became one of the greatest inventors in the world.
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