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Lives of the Saints - Vittorios Loss of innocence

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John Galzote

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Lives of the Saints - Vittorios Loss of innocence

John Galzote Vittorio's
Loss of Innocence Vittorio's memories Silence in home Mario, Vittorio's father immigrated to Canada to find a better job to support the family. Mario leaves Valle De sole and Vittorio nothing but bad memories. These memories are one of many things that contributes to Vittorio's loss of innocence. Vittorio remembers his father as abusive and violent, he speaks about the time when his father attacked his mother Cristina with a glass plate. Vittorio is still a child a memory like that can mentally scar him for life. In addition, Vittorio also has memories of his grandfather being abusive, this concludes that theres a family dysfunction to the Innocente family which ultimately plays a factor in Vittorios loss of innocence. Due to his mothers actions Vittorio starts to notice the lack of communication in the house. The Grandfather has distant himself to Cristina, because she ruined his reputation as a mayor in the small village of Valle De Sole.
"The silence seemed to issue from every nook and cranny in the house ... leave me suspended in a pure, electric emptiness, so volatile that the crunch of my mother's hoe threatened to shatter the house to its foundations." (Ricci,78)
The Innocente family has been isolated from the rest of the village due to Cristinas scandal. Cristinas faults LOSS OF INNOCENCE The novel Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci is told by a 7 year old who is subjected to great suffering that ultimately causes the loss of his innocence. Vittorio's childhood has forced him to look at the world in the eyes of the less innocence, at a very young age he suffers and experiences acts that subsequently cause the loss of his innocence. Through his bad child hood memories, his mothers scandalous behaviors, the villagers unethical beliefs causes Vittorio to lose his innocence.
Right in the beginning of the book Vittorio talks about his mothers snake bite incident. In the superstitious village of Valle de sole, the snake bite is known to be the "Malocchio" curse meaning "evil eye". Vittorio starts to realize that the snake bite wasn't the only thing that happened in that barn.
The Innocente family are persecuted and shunned by their neighbors and relatives.
"was it for my sake that you behaved like a common whore? ... I've suffer everyday of my life, per l'amore di cristo, but I've never had to walk through this town and hang my head in shame ... You've killed me." (Ricci 145)
Cristina's sin of adultery isolated them from everyone. This quote shows how she affected her grandfathers life to the point where he curses her. Her grandfather takes the side of the villagers instead of hers, this shows that their relationship has been torn apart. THE END Vittorio's "initiation" "First you have to show us your bird, and then if its big enough you can join the group ... put it in the hole and move it up and down fifty times." (Ricci 128-129)
This was when Guido and the gang were trying to initiate Vittorio so he can join the group. At this point everyone knew about Cristina's affair, they are only doing this to make fun and make him look stupid. Even though Vittorio is bullied by these guys, he is still eager to join, this shows that the isolation of the town gives him no choice but to make bad decisions. This initiation was to prove if one is truly "man" this indicates that Vittorio's innocence is already deflating. FORBIDDEN SUNGLASSES QUOTE "My mother told me that know one knew the cave except her ... I found the glasses, wedged between a rock and the cave wall ... And on the way home, she had tossed the glasses in the river."
"The glasses i had found now were still intact ... when i stared out through them from my mothers balcony, that was tinted a heady bluish-green: but instead of thinking to wear them in the village ... I hid them under the mattress like dangerous things." Vittorio has found broken glasses in the cave, he is told by his mother that she is the only one that knew about the cave. He asked her if he can keep it but his mother responded with such rage, he later finds another and hides it. He hides the new pair of glasses under his mattress, this indicates that Vittorio is starting to see that there's mystery behind it and that there has to be a reason why his mother did not let him keep the glasses he found earlier. Vittorio is still too young to understand the situation in the barn, he claims he saw blue eyes.When he wears the glasses on the balcony, he does not know that he is wearing the glasses of the man that ultimately caused the loss of his innocence. THE MATTRESS 'Mama,' I whispered. 'Whos is the bed for?' ... 'It's for you,' my grand father said, his voice taut and dry. 'Next month you'll be seven. That's no age to be sleeping with your mother.'
This quote indicates how Vittorio's innocence is taken away from him. In order to gain maturity, one must lose innocence, Vittorios grandfather believes that he is getting older therefore he must act older. Vittorio can no longer sleep in his mothers bed, this takes away a part of his relationship with him mother. Vittorio's isolation "I was alone now, without friends, and it quickly became clear what my status was with the other boys ... I was merely shunned, and could not make out the insults which they whispered to each other in class ..." (Ricci 107)
This quote proves that Cristina not only caused problems with her grandfather, she caused a lot of suffering for her own son. In a small village where everyone knows each other, Vittorio feels alone. Due to his mother immoral actions, isolation definitely affected Vittorio mentally and physically. He receives threats and abuse from his peers, he responds with violence because that's the solution he learns from his memories of his father. "It's that woman's fault, all of this, she thinks she's as free as a bird, she doesn't think about other people. Who did this to you?"
This occured right after Vittorio was getting beat up, he knew that he could take care of himself but he fears his "own violence". This quote proves that Vittorios school mates are bullying him for his moms faults. SUPPORTING QUOTE FALLING ANGELS Falling angels is a book also with the theme of loss of innocence. The Field daughters, Lori, Norma and Sandy ultimately loss their innocence when they found out about their mothers incident in Niagara falls. They found out that they would have had a baby brother, but their mother dropped him in Niagara falls. The sisters lives change forever, and since then many things have occurred that contributed to their loss of innocence.
Just like Vittorio finding out about his Mothers affair, it changed his life and affected him harshly. SUPPORTING QUOTE "Well anyway it says that your mother threw the baby over Niagara falls."

The sisters were pretty young when they found out, and all reacted differently from each other. Like Vittorio, they did not fully understood until later in their lives. QUESTION TIME If Cristina were careful and did not gave the villagers something to talk about, would life have been different for Vittorio ? The Innocente family were isolated from everyone, the grandfather took the villagers side and cursed Cristina. How would you react to the isolation and hate? Vittorio resorted into violence when his mother was insulted, even though his mother was the cause of all the trouble, would you have done the same? Vittorio had his childhood ripped apart, what do you think he would grow up to be like? Nino Ricci shows that death is the great escape. Cristina dies leaving Vittorio alone, do you think he has hope for the future or he'll 'escape' to be with his mother? MY VISUAL
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