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The Body In The Woods

No description

taryn gower

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of The Body In The Woods

Book By:
April Henry
Genre: Mystery
The reason for this is that SAR ( search and rescue) helps people that become lost or missing.
In the book the setting takes place in Portland, Oregon. But most of the time the characters are located in Forest Park.
Is a teenage girl who has spent her life covering for her mom's mental illness. She is very private and keeps to herself due to her mothers situation.
She joined Portland Country Search and Rescue (SAR).
She eventually becomes friends with Nick and Ruby due to joining SAR.
Is a teenage boy who feels like he doesn't belong.
At age four his dad died while in combat for the army. According to Nick his father was a hero, he looked up to him and wants to be a hero too.
He likes to pretend that he is brave, but he has a fear of not being as good as others.
He is very proud of being a member of SAR because he wants to prove himself.
Is a eccentric, fast talking, fast thinking teenage girl.
At first Ruby doesn't have many friends as she in socially awkward. She really enjoys being in SAR, mostly because of solving mysteries and making new friends.

By joining SAR she is able to stand up to her parents and help them understand her.
The Body In The

By: Taryn 9Q
"If the cops are wrong, then right now this guy is looking for his next victim."
I choose this particular quote because it represents what the book is about, and foreshadows what is going to happen if the kids don't find out who's the serial killer!
Main Characters
Ruby had just received a call from the detective telling her that the wrong man was in jail. The real killer is still out there. Ruby's mind was cloudy and she was very dizzy as she already was drugged by the killer. She was taken into the woods and doesn't realize that the person is the killer. When the killer takes her deep into the woods she is attacked.

Nick and Alexis realized she was missing and finds her phone on the edge of the woods and hits redial. The call went directly to the detective. Right then Nick sees a person taking Ruby into the woods, and realizes ruby was in trouble. Nick and Alexis run as fast as they can to find Ruby.

Nick arrives first and finds Ruby laying on the ground. Nick is then kicked and punched by the killer. When Alexis arrives she sees Ruby and Nick on the ground both bleeding. She assumes they are dead and quickly knocks out the killer.
Friendship, Trust
& Courage
The author gives the reader little detail about the characters at the beginning. Only that they are part of SAR and that Alexis uncovers a dead body in Forest Park.
Rising Action:
Alexis, Nick and Ruby attempt to find clues before the detectives arrive. They look around the area of the dead body to see if they find anything suspicious.

Throughout the story Alexis, Nick and Ruby discover clues and become friends.
Ruby and Nick are rushed to the hospital while Alexis explains to the cops what happened.

Alexis' mother started taking her medication again and life at home was more stable.

Nick realizes that he can stand up for himself and had much more confidence.

Ruby now helps the detectives solve other cases and has more respect from her parents.

All three stayed close friends.
Friendship & Trust:
Throughout the story, Alexis, Nick and Ruby become friends through SAR and learn to accept one another for who they are. They help each other discover their talents and stand up for each other.

Throughout the story, the Kids face things in life that they wouldn't normally face. Alexis pretends to be homeless to find her mother. Nick stands up for himself and punches somebody in the nose, and Ruby stands up to her parents and her parents learn to accept her.
So, in the end Alexis, Nick and Ruby become best friends.
The serial killer is put in jail.

If you like a good mystery you will love this book.
I really enjoyed this book. It is an easy read.
This book describes what would happen in real life, and in detail tells how detectives find out who killed who and how.
Based on true story!!!
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