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Unit 11: Lesson 6

No description

Gemma Martin

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit 11: Lesson 6

Go to Kahoot.it and join the quiz
Learning Objectives
To know the immediate effects of abuse and the long term effects of abuse on the health and well-being of an individual
Pick two types of abuse covered today
Case Study Activity
There are 6 abuse case studies, all relevant to different types of abuse we have covered
Unit 11: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Lesson 6
To assess the impact of short term effects of abuse on an individual
To evaluate the long term effects of abuse on an individual
So far we have looked at describing the indicators of abuse......
Now we will be looking into the difference between long term and short term effects...
What are 'short term' effects?
Effects that may be lasting for a relatively short period in a future time, for example:
A cut will be visible initially but will gradually heal over time
What are long term effects?
Effects occurring or referring to a long period of time, for example:
Although the cut may have disappeared, it may leave behind scaring that will never go
In pairs, work through the case studies to identify:
- The type of abuse
- The long term effects of the abuse
- The short term effects of the abuse
Once you have identified the effects you will then be expected to:
- ASSESS the impact of the short term effects on the health and well being of the individual
- EVALUATE the potential impact of the long term effects on the health and well being of the individual
Remember: To ASSESS is to analyse or determine the significance of
To EVALUATE is to make judgements based on
the evidence provided
This is a timed activity where you will spend 10 minutes working on each case study
At the end of the allocated time we will get some group feedback based on each case
Without looking at your notes, write down 2 short term effects and 2 long terms effects of that abuse
In 250 words, summarise how the effects of one of these abuses can severely effect the health and well being of an individual
Next Week:
Task 1: Assignment Launch
Kahoot unit 11 recap quiz
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