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Caesar's English

No description

Jennifer McMillian

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Caesar's English

meaning: sea

examples: marine (the sea), maritime (codes of conduct of ships at sea), mariner (sailor)
meaning: join

examples: conjunction (a word that joins two words/groups of words), junction (where two roads join, adjunct (something/someone that has joined as a part of something else)
Meaning: light

Examples: lucidity (brightness), translucent (light goes partly through it), pellucid (crystal clear)
meaning: middle

examples: medium (the middle), Mediterranean (surrounded by continents), in medias res (to begin in the middle of the story)
meaning: time

examples: temporal (lives are bounded by time), temporize (delay or stall), contemporaries (those who live at the same time as you do)
Caesar's English
Lesson IX
Weekly Assignment Choices: Choose 2 out of 3

1. Super Stems: Create your super stem characters and describe the "super power" your stems give to a word.

2. Write a story about a family road trip that takes an unexpected turn..... Make sure your story includes at least 1 word that utilizes each of our weekly stems as well as 5 of our previously learned Classic Words.

3. Foldable/Google Slide: Create a flip book or a google slide. Must include: stem, stem meaning, picture/illustration, 3 examples of words with that stem, and a connection of how you've seen or heard this stem used.
Caesar's Highway of Stems
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