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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This is my Legend of Zelda Prezi

Jared Craigo

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Forest Mointain Desert Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask, path to Death Mountain... The land of the Dekus Boat rides to the Deku Palace Deku Deku Palace More Dekus Awesome Deku Palace Remix, Woodfall Temple Odolwa, the Woodfall Temple BOSS, who steals the Deku Princess... Wearing the Deku Mask... ...Turns you into Deku Link! First, this is Link. He is the main hero of the game Majora's Mask. He is trying to defeat, Majora, who is a an evil being who has taken the form of a mask, and is controling a skull kid like a puppet. Majora Majora's Mask is insanly powerful, when it takes over a body, it uses that body for evil mischief. Listen while you read. The angry Deku King... Review Common Forest Enemies Wolfos Octorok Keese Skulltula Black Boe Deku Baba Snapper Attack Minibosses Dragonfly Dinofol Land of the Gorons Montain Village Montain Blacksmith Blacksmith Boss Zubora Blacksmith Gabora Goron Shrine Goron Elder's son... Misses his father, Goron Elder Snowhead Temple Common Montain Enemies White Wolfos Ice Keese Gekko on Snapper Blue Tektite White Boe Blue Tektite Rolling Snowballs and Avalanches Miniboss Wizrobe Goht, the main BOSS of Snowhead Temple, who has frozen the land for a very long time. Wearing the Goron Mask... ...Turns you into Goron Link! Review Ocean Land of the Zoras Great Bay Zora Hall The Indigo-Go Band, a band made up of Zora's The Zora's lost their eggs, but it turns out they were stolen by Geurdo Pirates! Great Bay Temple Common Ocean Enemies Like Like Sea Snake or Deep Python ChuChu Green Red Brown Blue Octorok Skullfish ShellBlade Minibosses Dexihand Bio Deku Baba Minibaba Leever Gekko and Mad Jelly The Gyorg is the main BOSS of the Great Bay, he has infected the waters and unleashed his minions throughout. Big Octo Wearing the Zora Mask... ...Turns you into Zora Link! Review Wart Real Bombchu Blue Tektite Land of the Forgotten Ikana Canyon Music Box House Pamela's Father was cursed... Pamela is scared... So I must cure him. The Poe Collecter is a mysterious character...? "Tee-hee-hee!" Compser Brothers Sharp Flat They teach you the Song of Storms Poe in a bottle Mini Temple
Ancient Castle of Ikana Igos du Ikana The King and is Bodyguards Stone Tower Temple Common Desert Enemies Poe ReDead Gibdo Stalchild Octorock Nejron Real Bombchu Garo Mini Bosses Garo Master Keese Bad Bat Wizrobe Eyegore Gomess Review The main BOSS of the Stone Tower Temple is Twinmold. They are two gigantic insects that are responsible for all the curses of Ikana. Wearing the Giant Mask... ...turns you into Giant Link! Armos Captain Keeta If you successfuly beat all of these dungeons, you will be teloported to The Moon. On The Moon, you will have to fight each of Marjora's forms! Majora's Incarnation Majora's Wrath Majora's Mask After saving everybody, the Carnival of Time is held in Clock Town, and everybody is happy! All Masks Transformations Deku Mask Goron Mask Zora Mask Giant Mask All Night Mask Blast Mask Bremen Mask Bunny Hood Captain's Hat Circus Leader's Mask Don Gero Mask Garo Mask Great Fairy Mask Gibdo Mask Kafei's Mask Kamaro's Mask Keaton Mask Mask of Scents Mask of Truth Postman's Hat Romani's Mask Stone Mask Moon's Mask Sun's Mask Couple's Mask Boss Remains Majora's Mask Firce Deity Mask Credits Art : Jared Craigo Design : Jared Craigo Editor : Jared Craigo Director : Jared Craigo Special Thanks to : Jared Craigo Thanks for viewing!

I hope you enjoyed it!

I will make more, and they will be just as cool as this one! The Heros Link Goron Link Fierce Deity Zora Link Deku Link Clock Town Remix = Awesome! Guru-Guru also plays the Song of Storms All Items Razor Sword Kokiri Sword Gilded Sword Swords Shields Hero's Shield Mirror Shield Bombs and Needed Item Bomb Bombchu Powder Keg Arrow Fire Arrow Arrows and Needed Items Ice Arrow Light Arrow Great Fairy Sword Hero's Bow Quiver Other Items Deku Stick Deku Nut Magic Beans Pictograph Lens of Truth Hookshot Bottle Bomb Bag Heart Piece Heart Container Ruppes and Needed Item Green Ruppe
1 Blue Rupee
5 Red Rupee
20 Purple Rupee
50 Silver Rupee
100 Gold Rupee
200 Orange Rupee
200 Wallet Quest Items Gold Skulltula Golden Token Land Title Deed Swamp Title Deed Mountain Title Deed Ocean Title Deed Moon's Tear Room Key Remix
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