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A vindication of the rights of woman

No description

Davish Bucktowar

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of A vindication of the rights of woman

A VINDICATION OF THE RIGHTS OF WOMAN by Mary Wollstonecraft Literary Elements and New Thesis Statements, Conclusion and Discussion Questions Statements: Conclusion Discussion Questions 1.“Women are, in fact, so much degraded by mistaken notions of female excellence.” (15)
2.“I wish to persuade woman to endeavour to acquire strength both of mind and body, and to convince them that the soft phrases, susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment and refinement of taste almost synonymous with epithets of weaknesses.” (8)
3.“In a treatise, therefore, on female rights and manners the works which have been particularly written for their improvement must not be overlooked; especially when it is asserted, in direct terms, that the minds of women are enfeebled by false refinement.” (2) Women are often degraded by males because they may not be as educated, or feel the need to be adored, by men. A higher education would mean one is smarter than the other even though this may not be true. Men usually find themselves superior to women and should therefore do more masculine things while women do more feminine things. Women can govern their husbands without degrading themselves because intellect will always govern, but women know what gift knowledge is and therefore don’t go about proving people wrong. There is a constant struggle for equilibrium, which is why women should be properly educated to prove themselves morally and intellectually equal to men. 1.What are Wollstonecraft’s views on education?
2.How are men responsible for woman’s low social and moral status, according to Wollstonecraft?
3.What is the tone of the essay? New Thesis Statement Tone: the tone is the writer’s attitude towards the material and how they want to convey his/her attitude in a work of literature. Tone is a key part of literature as it controls the readers response. Thesis statement: -“The understanding of the sex has been so bubbled by this specious homage, that the civilized women of the present century, with a few expectations, are only anxious to inspire love, when they ought to cherish a nobler ambition, and by their abilities and virtues exact respect.” Paradox: A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. In the 18th century, there were those educational and political theorists who did not believe women should have an education. Women are denied their potential in society, which is a problem because women are essential to the nation; they educate their children and they can be companions to their husbands, rather than mere wives. In order for woman to achieve a sense of self-respect and a new self-image, it is important for them to have an education so that they can live to their full capabilities. It is said that intellect governs all, so using this knowledge everyone should have equal opportunities to education and to success. Due to higher level of education some men believe their status is higher than woman. Instead of viewing woman as ornaments to society or property to be traded in marriage, women deserve the same rights as men. Both genders should be treated equally in particular areas of life, such as morality. Unlike men who have always had a right to education, women value this opportunity to achieve success more than men might. Precis Presented by:
Tajinder Saini
Davish Bucktwoar
Navneet Sidhu
Malcolm Newby
Nikki Purba -Woman should be properly educated to prove themselves to be morally and intellectually equal to men
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