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Christopher Columbus Hospital for Children

Prezi for HC100 group project

Alex Petrovici

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus Hospital for Children

Black Group Composed of
Great leaders and Extraordinary Doctors Is Proud to Present the Fantastic:
Walt Disney inspired
Reputable Health Care for children

The Christoper Columbus Children's Hospital

Location: Every Child's Imagination. Walt Disney Bringer Of Imagination to all the children.
He is the great promoter of this Hospital.
Without Walt the nessesary funding and promotion of this establishment, The success we have had would not be so Great.
Creator of the Disney Theme instituted through out the Facility.
Powerful Marketer to the Public. Christopher Columbus Sailed the ocean blue in 1492
Discovered the Bahamas
Founded the hospital
Was on a walk one day and came across land and thought to build a children's hospital
Visit patients and love to listen to their personal dreams and goals
Believe that everyone should follow out their dreams because he was allowed to by exploring
Always dreaming and hoping to discover something new
Welcome to the Christopher Columbus Hospital for Children! The Hospital is Full of many different types of Great People working together to Help every Child! Business People that make it possible to Run the Establishment. This Hospital is Also full of the Best Doctors to take care of the Children
The best of Business to run the entire facility smoothly. Patient Care Anna Freud Having Created her own Children's Hospital, Having her understanding for children's mental health on our side is very important.
Her dedication to children and knowledge of how to treat them and care for them, makes Anna our number one Psychologist. Emily Dickinson Writing poems and keeping to herself.
Her poems bring an easier understanding of the facts of life to the children.
She works with Anna and helps to explain situations to the Children, making sure that everyone is taken care of. Dr. Nicholas Schoch, D.O. Graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1994.
Has been an Orthopedic Surgeon for 18 years.
Received the Patient's Choice Award from 2008 until now, The Compassionate Doctor Recognition from 2009-2011, and The On-Time Doctor Award in 2009.
Loves his job and working for his patients to make them feel better and make them happy. Hello, we are the black group! Inside the Hospital Mary McMillan Lionel Logue Linus Pauling Lyudmila Trut Steve Jobs Gordon Moore Tiffany DIVA Henry Ford Born in Australia in 1880
One major founder of speech pathology
Logue has a desire for helping people with communication disorders
He has a huge passion for healing
Useful skills as a teacher as well as a performer
Finding a cure is his ultimate career and life goal With his expertise in molecular biology, his position in the lab will be important
He will work to make specialized medicine for the children in need
He will lead research on how to cure and treat diseases in the hospital
He will publish his research to benefit others around the world
Most importantly, he will get along with other scientists in the lab like Dr. Trut Lets go inside! Steve Jobs
Successful founder of many tech companies
Medical technology
Funding and fund-raising
Business skills to ensure success of hospital
Apple and Pixar products for the children Our project is to build something very needed in this world.
This is the first time we are revealing it.

So lets start with the blueprints! CIA (Lead Liaison of Diversity and Inclusion)
Talented Lawyer
Not Called a Diva for Nothing!
PASSION Co-Founder of Intel Corporation.
Creator of Moore's law, which has dictated how electronics have grown since his paper in 1965 titled Cramming More Components Into Integrated Circuits.
At the hospital, Moore helps run the technology aspect of the hospital. Architect of the assembly line
Creator of the Motel T
Contributes my money to advance our development in or technological department.
Help with building the whole hospital.
Also help run the whole business section of the hospital since I'm really good with anything that has to do with business. When I decide to make something work and make money I make it happen.
Another main contribution to the hospital is our new high tech and child friendly ambulances. In the ambulance we have many child safety devices to protect them in case of an accident. Head of physical therapy department
Born in Massachusetts 1880
Degrees in physical education & physical therapy
"Mother of physical therapy" in WWI
American Women's Physical Therapeutics
PT Review journal
Help children recover from injuries, illness, and surgery
Restoration to healthy, happy lives! Thank You! We hope to Help many Children. Genetic engineer
Studies new medicines specifically targeting the genetic mutations that some children suffer from.
Working in the laboratory
Understanding how the genetic pieces work and then being able to manipulate them to help Children.
Working very hard with Dr. Pauling Surgeons and Medical Aide Laboratory Business and Technical Offices Rehabilitation
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