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Putting the Nutrition Society on the Map

Making the Society the authority on public health: my contribution to the future of the Nutrition Society

Rory Carroll

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Putting the Nutrition Society on the Map

‘What Would be Your Significant Contribution to the Future of the Nutrition Society?’
... by making the Society
authority on
public health issues like obesity, cancer and diabetes.

Ensuring the Nutrition Society dominates the space in public health...
Raising the Profile
Raising the profile
that delivers
Creating a
for the Society
External Affairs and PR Strategy
Provide direction and structure to all activities
The Nutrition Society is
a sleeping giant.
With a clear direction,
an ambitious strategy
and adept use of its
resources and traditional
and modern engagement
techniques, it can be a
global voice in the field
of public health.
Integrated Marcoms Strategy
media voice
Expert contributor
to the national
political debate
The authority
on nutrition.
Extensive network
of media, political
& academic contacts
Major voice
social media
Thank you for listening.
I'd be very happy to take
any questions you may have.
PR Activities
Creative strategies to project and position the Society
Public Affairs Activities
Engaging directly with policy-makers and opinion formers
SWOT Analysis
Ground-breaking research
Resident experts
'Standing start' for EA
Lack of media networks
Lack of PR infrastructure (media monitoring, etc.)
Wilderness years of international agenda
International / European engagement
Many Parliamentarians interested in agenda
Social media very receptive to nutrition messaging
Society could become the voice on public health
Formal Food Industry engagement
Funding: lack of security / limits options
Independent 'expert' commentators
Rival nutrition organisations
Funding: DH; EU; Food Industry; New Media
Tight purse-strings: drop in membership
Aims and Objectives
Full audit
Editors / reporters
Select Committees
All Party Parliamentary Groups
MPs / Lords
Social media
Outside Europe
to reach them
Potential allies
Disseminators of misinformation
Soil Association
British Soft Drinks
SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound
Key Messages
Tailored to media, political & other stakeholders, members and potential members
PR, public affairs, public engagement, membership service, fundraising
12-month Comms Plan,
Evaluate and Improve
A full audit and revamp of the Member's 'experience'
Identify, explore and secure financial partners
Department of Health
Nutritionists In Industry
Audit of key health media outlets and contacts
And programme of meetings
Nutrition Society's own media
Enhance content; maximise reach & impact
Examples of media I have
launched or enhanced
Annual Reports
"The success of the Football Foundation's annual review is underpinned by a clear strategy for what it wants to achieve and the audience it is trying to reach."
Third Sector Excellence Awards Judge
Social Media
Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn
The Society's Journals
National and trade pick-up
International reach
Highlight when cited
Nutrition Society Gazette
Research, consult, enhance
Nutrition Society Twitter
Research, audience, message, content, integrate, partners initiatives
Nutrition Society YouTube
Content, integrate, partners, viral potential
Cross-organisation reach
authority on nutrition
Package stories:
Tabloids and glossies but now also broadsheets and blogs follow easy-to-read and write formats.
- Boxed-out stats bullets
- Case study
- Expert vox pop, plus head-and-shoulders pic
- On hand for follow up enquiries
Create news angles:
identifying the topics that are most newsworthy and presenting them in a way that grabs a busy journalist’s attention
Engagement with the public
Google ads:
free adverts for charities on Google (costs companies a small fortune); campaigns, fundraising or events
someone came up with five a day and it took off; the Society could do something similar
Prevention is the best cure

It is much more difficult and expensive to try and fix obesity, diabetes, once they have happened

The workforce is also not working if gets particularly acute

Mental well-being also becomes affected

They may require care, taking other people out of the workforce
60,000 recipients
Integrated with other Football Foundation media
- Twitter; YouTube; Flickr; Publications
Rich content: galleries, videos
Integrate External Affairs function across whole organisation
Exchange of ideas
Keep colleagues & key contacts updated on EA activity
Explore how EA can support their objectives and vice versa
Other depts
Engaged Members
Ensure reporters see the Society is the go-to expert organisation on all relevant topics and stories
Dynamic and proactive PR

New Year's Resolution; engage celebs; uni students away from home for the first time
Top ten nutrition Myths busted
Top twenty/fifty nutrition discoveries since 2000/1945
PR official expert work where appropriate: e.g. consultations; Budget Day wish-lists / responses
Respond straightaway
Get reputation for delivering quality, fast
Regular contact and briefings
Even if not used, it will keep the Society in their heads
Public Affairs Creatives
Look for other opportunities and hooks to effectively engage with decision makers and influencers
2015 is the General Election - the Society could produce a 'Nutrition Manifesto' with which to influence and gain coverage
Here is a 'Healthcare Industries Manifesto' I produced before the 2005 General Election
European and International
Look for other opportunities and hooks to effectively engage with decision makers and influencers
Research programmes
Funding opportunities
All Party Parliamentary Groups
Engage interest groups inside and outside of Parliament
Civil Servants
Shadow Ministers
Select Committees
Health organisations
Regulatory Bodies
American Society for Nutrition
Full audit, programme of meetings and distribution lists
Political Stakeholders
DH Contacts
Responses to consultations
Parliamentary opportunities
Submissions to inquiries
Adjournment debates
Early Day Motions
Number Ten online petitions
Private Member's Bill
Parliamentary Questions
Parliamentary Drinks Reception or Dinner
Westminster Panel Discussion
Extract from ABHI's 2005 Annual Report
External opportunities
The Budget or Autumn Statement
Weekend prior to budget
Issue response before Chancellor has sat down
Avoid 'Eliza's bucket' scenario
It's easier to retain an existing Member than recruit an entirely new one.
It is also fruitless to recruit new Members, if the ones already signed up fail to renew
Audit existing benefits:
'reasons to be a NS Member'
Genuine, focused consultation with Member-base to garner feedback & ideas, and start a dialogue
'Early bird' discount renewal alerts
Research and build new base of Members
Research and lift other Member-based organisations' ideas and protocols
Partner with other organisations
Cross-promotional opportunities
Mutual benefits / incentive opportunities
GroupOn-style Deals: Membership, or discounts to partner events & products
Discussion forums
Offer a free trial period
See what comparable organisations in the US, Europe, Australia and elsewhere are doing
Or copy some papers like New York Times, with free monthly access to some items and then you have to pay for additional items

Generate significant web traffic and raise money via click-throughs
Valuable content can be made extra valuable to the Society
Selling and upselling the Society's unique resources
Consider targeting members of the general public concerned with nutrition. Perhaps access to a monthly guide to healthy eating for, say, £1 a month
And see if additional financial assistance could be secured from the Lottery, from Government, from local councils and from health authorities
Any lessons to learn from them?
Study what funding is potentially available from the EU; the British are slower than others at bidding for EU support for specific items
Demonstrate that it is a false economy not to invest
Hidden content: 'next level' / VIP advice (e.g. now you're armed with this nutritional info, how is it best applied in practice?)
Tell a friend / Recruit a friend incentives
Get a percentage of each new customer
Public debates:
panel discussions and Q&As
Get local media as on board as partners (radio and newspapers)

Google hangouts / Youtube webinars – The Times
lesson plans and materials on nutrition
- TV doctors: Dr Christian Jessen, Raj Persaud
- High profile chefs – Hairy Bikers, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith.
- Personal appearances, interviews, image for campaigns, or just supportive quotes and tweets
"the most nutritious and delicious recipe" or "best nutritious alternative'"(avocado cookies, etc.)
Social Media
What’s the best way to engage public en masse? Get them to do it. Social media is the vehicle for this.
How? Easily-shared engaging content: wow, funny or useful
Daily / weekly tip or Ehow type video clips: quick facts, recipes, etc.
Social media not restricted by borders, so we can employ social media channels can help raise NS profile globally. Content is king. Science similarly not concerned by borders
Our revenue-generating portal
I developed with Club Website
Making the economic case
The Foundation hitherto only measured sporting outcomes from our grants.

I identified that our funding also created jobs in construction - a sector the Government considers a key driver of economic growth.

We tasked the Centre for Economics and Business Research with building on my initial research.

It has opened the door to funding pots, such as Local Enterprise Partnerships and Social Impact Bonds.
I have recruited and manage the relationship with a number of high profile supporters
Get on journalist alert mailing lists
And keep up to speed with their movements - these Telegraph changes were announced yesterday (17 March.)
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