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Deforestation of Africa

No description

Creighton Harris

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Deforestation of Africa

Why is it happening?
It affects soil for farming, which affects hunger. Heavy rainfall causes mud slides in the rainy seasons when tree's are cleared. There has also been a loss of species, and soil erosion, leading to poor health. People are also growing dependent on Tavy, a method of farming from Madagascar.
What has been done to resolve the problem
What steps have been taken?
The Issue
in Congo and Madagascar
Tree Puns:
How is this affecting
Africa's continent
in 2015-2016
During the past year, it has been reported that Africa and South America had the greatest annual loss of forests. Africa plans to reforest their continent.
"By 2030, African nations have vowed to restore 100 million hectares..."
AFR100 is a group of African countries who recognize the the benefit that forests and trees provide not only Africa, but the world.
Deforestation of Africa
Cassidy W.
Creighton H.
Yujini S.

For the past few centuries, deforestation and loss of habitat has been shaking the environment and economy of African countries. People have been chopping down trees at a constant rate for decades. Much of the rainforest have been destroyed, causing inhabitants to move out, industries to increase, and farming land to decrease. There has also been a deep decrease in resources, especially all the rare species in Madagascar. Due to deforestation, the population has been dominated.
What else do we know?
The deforestation that is happening in Congo and Madagascar has been going on for approximately 4 centuries and has affected about 70% of Africa's rainforest.
Current State of the Issue
The people are cutting down tree's because, population growth has 'forced' people to cut down tree's for homes, and farms are cutting down tree's for more land. Also illegal timber sales are apart of what's happening
Laws have been put in place to slow the rate of deforestation, and heavy taxes have been placed on anyone who breaks these laws.
What role does
the UN have in this
The United Nations say
The UN says they're slowing down deforestation
"but we need to do better,"
they say.
"over the past 25 years, the rate of netglobal deforestation has slowed down more than 50%"
featuring Creighton
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OAK-kay, maybe that pun was a little over-ELMING.

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That pun was really ACORNY.

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What homework did the tree have yesterday? Square ROOTS, geome-TREE, and TWIG-onometry.

What kind of tree do you have in your kitchen? A pan-TREE.

What did the tree say to his girlfriend? I PINE FIR YEW.
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Why did the tree not go to prom? He wasn't very POPLAR.

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What's in a tree's easter basket? TREEts.

Why do people keep tree's inside? To SPRUCE up the place.
0-0 your tree pun's are so sappy.
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