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The Real Aztec Project (Legit)

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School Project

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of The Real Aztec Project (Legit)

Aztecs By Mohammad with the Red Hat ,Caleb with the shades, Zach with the hoodie, and Ashwin with the long sleeves.

In the past only gods existed and the earth did not. Earth was created when two gods
Tezcatlipoca the dark one and Quetzalcoatl looked down from their palace and saw only water below.
The two gods saw that whatever they made was destroyed by a goddess that lived in the water.
Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl became angry and turned into two huge serpents and descended into the
water. One grabbed the goddess by the arm and the other grabbed her legs and tore her into two before
she could resist. The goddess head and body became the earth while the lower part became the sky. The
other gods angered by the actions of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl and decided as compensation for
the goddess dismemberment to let her provide the necessities for people to survive. Her hair became
the trees, grass, and flowers; caves, fountains, and wells from her eyes; rivers from her mouth; hills and
valleys came from her nose; and mountains from her shoulders.

This is the age of the fifth sun as the Aztecs believed that the first sun was made of water was
carried of by a flood and all that lived became fish. The second sun was devoured by tigers and
the third was demolished by a fiery rain that set he people ablaze. The fourth sun the wind sun was
destroyed by a storm and people turned into monkeys. After the destruction of the fourth sun the gods
gathered to decide who would become the next sun. Tecciztecatl a rich and proud god volunteered but
they needed someone else. So they chose Nanauatl a poor god to go with him. When the time came
a huge bonfire was lit. Tecciztecatl attempted to jump into the bonfire but was overcome by fear.
Nanauatal just closed his eyes and jumped. Tecciztecatl ashamed jumped into the fire. When the two
suns rose the gods got angry at the one which Tecciztecatl became. The other gods threw a rabbit at it
and that is why they say their is an imprint of a rabbit on the second sun(mars). Sports The ancient aztecs loved sports. To the point that they would sacrifice the athletes in sports(they did this for religous purposes though), theywould sacrifice either the winning side or the losing. Now there were one very important sport for them though. It was a ball game in which players tried to keep a ball off their side. Calmecac or the Cuicacalli Aztec Education The cuicacalii was a military school where boys learned to fight The calmacac, ran by priests and gave the boys extra religious duties as
well as lessons in history, astronomy, poetry, and writing. This part of the calmacac was different than
the ones for children. There was a great rivalry between the schools which often led to fights. Boys had to work on their families land in addition education.

Female education was basically preparing for marriage.

Aztec girls learned to spin (weave) at age 4 and cooked at 12 at home.

Some noble girls worked at the temple and some became professional priestesses.

Parents helped their children master necessary life skills and warned them against evils of gambling, theft, gossip and drinking.

When the children were punished, harsh punishment were given. Ex. Children were told to put chili peppers over a fire and to inhale the smoke. GOVERNMENT Religous Beliefs Ancient In around 1400 B.C.E the Aztec Government began attacking neighbouring tribes, then aztec population was growing incredibly. They needed new houses to keep up with growing population. they needed more land , more schools , more stores, and more temples needed to be built.

Like Sparta, war was the answer. When they conquered tribes they demanded clothing, food, building supplies, and captives. They kept the 1st four stuff and gave the rest to the gods.
They had a monarch sort of government, they had an emperor that ruled the land of the Aztecs.

At the bottom of the government chain was the families. they were the ones responsible for giving the Aztec world the materials needed. Then there were the calpulli who was responsible for the families and was required to build schools for them.Then there were the city councils who had a lot of power , and finally the emporer Housing The Aztec shelter of commoners had only one room. The doorways of the Aztec houses were square and found on one wall of the home. The roofs of the ancient Aztec homes were flat. Some Aztec house were two stories high. They usually made house's for the nobles near the central courtyard, for extra comfort they added flowers near by a pool. While the Aztec had some free time they told stories. Other things that they did were, feasting, poetry, and playing and listening to musical instruments. Some of the wind instruments were the clay flutes, ocarinas, and conch shell trumpets. Entertainment Here is some pics of the aztec instruments Food And The noble Aztec children's school was called the Calmacac

Girls and boys went to different Calmecacs

Education in the calmecacs taught them to live prudently, govern, and understand the ways of their elders.

Maucehualtin(workers, peasants, builders, trades people) children were sent to learn at the telpochacalli

There they learned-

basic occupational skills,the elements of warfare, and good citenzenship.
excepionally talented Maucehualtin children were sent to learn at the calmacacs.
At 15 boys were sent to learn eiter at the Aztec clothing was generally made out of beautiful fabrics(the extent of the fabric depended on the wealth of the owner. They were usually made by the woman by twisting cotton and fibers onto a stick which was weighted down by a clay spindle whorl. With their simple tools they were able to make capes and loincloths (which they usually wore) for the men. Capes were worn on one shoulder. The women's clothing however consisted of sleeveless blouses and wraparound skirts. They didn't usually cover their entire body and were suprised to see the spanish(conquistadors) who came later, dressed covered by clothes and only their faces not covered Aztec clothing The Aztecs lived in the Valley of Mexico in South-Centeral Mexico. The valley is about 7 000 feet above sea level and was surrounded by tall mountains on all sides except the Northern. The Aztecs supply of water came from the near by mountains. The water flowed down and collected in lakes around Tenochtitlan(Aztec capitol) and close cities. The lakes were all connected. The high altitude of the Aztec mainland made it surprisingly cool. The average was around 12 degrees Celsius. This made there area only good for limited amounts of crops and because there was also frost sometimes, the crops could easily die. The Aztecs experienced a rainy season from May to October. The rainfall amount was about 450mm in the north and up to 1 000mm in the south. The Aztec climate was certainly not what you would expect of a civilization in Mexico. The whole geography of the Aztec nation varied due to the amount of areas they conquered. Aztec Geography One of the ancient Aztec inventions is that of the calendar wheel. Although not necessarily a calendar in and of itself and not limited to a single calendar, it was interesting that they came up with some of the concepts during that time. One of their calendars, which is known as the xiuhpohualli had a time period of 365 days which was split up over several 18 day months with five spare days left at the end of the year. Although this concept had been used in the area for many centuries, the fact that they were able to come up with an accurate number of days for the year still amazes many individuals Inventions and scientific advancments They were also one of the first civilisations
to have a mandatory education for everyone in the empire.

They also made several advancements in medical science. One such major discovery was that of antispasmodic medicine, medicine that relaxed muscle and could prevent muscle spasms, which would prove helpful in surgery.

They could not use bronze or iron for tools or weapons.
which means they would be weaker.
So they would break faster or wouldn't work as well as if you had obsidian or something along the lines of that. Drink Maize, which is a type of corn is Aztec's main food.
They also ate tomatoes, avocados, atole , tortillas, and tamales, a kind of envelope stuffed with meat and vegetables . Aztecs also ate chocolate. In their culture chocolate was reserved for warriors when they came back from war. A drink with cocoa and maize was for stamina. Aztecs ate twice a day, everyday. They also ate dogs... They also had an alcoholic drink called octli. They would take sap from the maguey plant. Also they invented popcorn and hot chocolate, which is awesome. So remember China doesn't make EVERYTHING. Creation of Earth The creation of the Sun According to Aztec religion it took the gods 5 times to create the world. When a world was to be created each god would take turns on different tasks to create a world. The other attempts failed because the gods fought with each other. The Ancient Aztec religion was based on keeping nature balanced. One bad step could lead to natural disaster. Every 52 years people were frightened that the world was going to end. They would extinguish the all the religious fires and destroy all of their precious items. When the world didn't end they all knew they were safe for another 52 years. Credits: Mohammad did sports, housing, and entertainment Zach did Aztec government, religion, and food. Caleb did technology and geography. Ashwin did education and myths and legends and editing THE END Project SPIN TIME! They did this by using anything except their hands to send the ball, which was about as heavy as a medicine ball over to the other side. There was a sideways hoop on both ends of the field. If the ball went through the enemy's net it was an instant win. Think of it as combination of volley ball and basket ball. burheera
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