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The Outsider-Chapter 7

No description

Anoushka Lad

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Outsider-Chapter 7

Social Classes:
Discriminate against eachother for stupid reasons (hair, clothes, economic status)
The truth is they are all the same on the inside its
Soda/Darry/Pony are all brothers
they are much closer than siblings generally are
Even within the "Gang", everyone is extremely close
"Adopted Family"
Sense of Belonging/Isolation:
In the group, everyone feels like they belong
They are always there for each other
They can count on each other
They feel don't feel unwanted and unloved
Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry were waiting in
the hospital for to hear how Johnny and
Dally were doing.
Step 4
1. GET A LITTLE MONEY & THE WORLD HATES YOU (pg 90)- having money, then, teasing or showing off about it can make people hate you. Randy thinks that Bob was a good person, but when he gets drunk, he picks on greasers and jump on them. Not only Bob, but other soc do it to. That is how the greasers hate them.

2. GREASERS WILL STILL BE GREASERS AND SOCS WILL STILL BE SOCS AFTER THE RUMBLE (pg 89)- You can not change after a fight or a serious situation. They can not change their appearance. This is important because Randy ,in the book, does not want to see any more blood spill and warns Ponyboy that he many innocent people would die in the rumble.

3. YOU CANT WIN EVEN IF YOU WHIP US(pg 89)- cant can not win even if you trouble us or hurt us. It will never help anyone. This is important because Randy tells Ponyboy that, even if the greaser’s hurt any of the socs, They may flee but later will take revenge of what the greaser’s did

The Outsiders Chapter 7
Anoushka Lad
Palak Bhadra
Arth Vidyarthi
Diya Thakur
Divyesh Dagliya

2. Thematic Topics-
Loss of Innocence
Social Classes
Sense of Belonging
1. Rundown of
Chapter 7
In chronological order
Main Events
Johnny and Dally: How did he change? What do you think?
Character Development doesn't necessarily have to me emotionally and socially. Johnny and Dally's physical changes after the fire accident, is showed in Chapter 7.
The following points are what Ponyboy knows about Johnny and Dally: Scarred for rest of his life
Johnny: Broken Back, Third Degree Burns, Severe Shock.
Dally: One Arm was badly burned

Loss of Innocence:
Ponyboy, Darry and Sodapop were
waiting in the hospital to hear how Dally and Johnny were doing.
Do you think Johnny has only been affected physically by this accident?
Greasers had to grow up before before they could be kids
"It's survival of the fittest''
Had to deal with things that most teens can't even imagine (death of the people close to you, not being able to walk home by yourself?!?)
The doctors finally emerge and say that Dally will
be fine but that Johnny's back is broken when
that timber fell on him. He also said that if Johnny
survives, he will be permanently crippled.
Ponyboy tells Darry and Sodapop about his
Darry and Sodapop start their work, and Ponyboy and To-Bit go hangout
Emotional changes play a big role in the Outsiders. Johnny was not only changed physically after the accident, but emotionally as well!

"Even if Johnny did live he'd be crippled and never play football or help us out in a rumble again. He'd have to stay in that house he hated, where he wasn't wanted, and things could never be like they used to be."
Ponyboy and Two-Bit see the soc(Randle) that had jumped Ponyboy and Johnny in the park.
Randle and Ponyboy have a conversation and Ponyboy realizes the socs are much like the greasers
What are the most important events in the chapter
an eye for an eye would

make a world of blind people
Darry Curtis
Ponyboy Curtis
Does he change?
Previously: Johnny's accident
Scared of Johnny dying, becoming a cripple
Understands that he might be going to a boys' home,
family separated.
Throughout the enitre novel the Greasers and Socs are constantly fighting
They have a couple rumbles
But in the end the fighting is completely pointless
Realizes how much Ponyboy means to him
"You mean..."-I swallowed hard-"that
they're thinking about putting me and
Soda in a boys' home or something?"
Why do you think Ponyboy is scared about going to a boys' home? Do you think Darry is affected by Ponyboy and Soda going to a boys' home?
Sodapop Curtis
Well, do any of you remember if and how Sodapop changes?
How does he change?: Socially and Emotionally
"No. She went to live with her grandmother in Florida."
Sodapop's girlfriend Sandy: Left Soda
Always Jolly and Happy Soda
Reassuring Ponyboy

Socially Single, Miserable
Why did Sandy leave Soda?
Randy and Ponyboy
The most important even in this chapter was the conversation between Randy and Pony. They put aside their differences and sit down and talk about Bob's death for the first time, in a civilized manner. This conversation was an eye-opener for the both of them, they realized that Socs and Greasers aren't that different from each other. They are all just humans, with families and likes and dislikes.
Randy Anderson
One of the Socs who attacked Johnny
Changes emotionally
Considered Ponyboy a kid, thanked him
What do you think brought about this change in Randy?
Doesn't believe
fighting will
solve any issue, do no good
Puts aside differences
Understands what Cherry
meant when she said that
things are rough all over.
Considered each other humans.
not Greasers or Socs.
3. Character Development- How the main characters of chapter 7 have changed.
4. 3 important quotes of Chapter 7
Johnny & Dally
Character Development doesn't have to be only socially, mentally or emotionally. Johnny and Dally, change drastically physically, and the effects are showed in chapter 7.
Involved in fire accident
Broken Back
Severe Shock
Third Degree Burns
If survives
Crippled for Life
Involved in fire accident
One arm badly burned
Scarred for Life
Dally will recover. However, if Johnny recovered, he would be crippled for life! Such physical change affects characters due to new limitations
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