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geo good

No description

zach zach

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of geo good

Banff Alberta London England Sydney Australia Push factors Pull factors Some pull factors in Banff are.... - Tourism
- Sports
- Jobs
- Family
- School
- Sight seeing
- Museums Some pull factors in London are.... - "The Queen"
- Soccer
- Jobs (auto motive industry)
- Sight seeing
- Museums
- Freedom
- Language
- Family
- Stars ( Ringo Star)
- Benifets ( Social Security) and some pull factors in Sydney are... - Enviorment
- Good labour law
- Medicare benifets
- Great jobs
- Tourism
- Family
- Sports Some push factors in Banff are... - Weather ( Too cold)
- Too many people
- Some Push factors in London are... - Riots
- Raisism Some push factors in Sydney are... -Working class suburbs ( Dives)
- Pollution
- Traffic
- Costs of living.... Banff-
Appartment- 1 bedroom - $909- 2 bedroom -$1219 per month
Appartment- 2 bedroom-$1030 per month Sydney-
Appartment- 1 bedroom- $ 700 weekly Culture Education
Banff- Banff School Of Fine Arts London- School Of London England Sydney- Sydney Western University Population The population in Banff is about 7500 Population in London is 7.6 million and the population in Sydney is 4..2 million Jobs Some jobs in Banff are... Banff-
- Ski lodge employee
- Bar tender
- Tour guide
- Hotel employee
- Rental company employee London-
Sales Man
Tour guide
Hotel employee
Jobs in Sydney... Sydney-
Salesman Unemployment rate... Banff-
6.1 percent
8 percent
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