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Benefits of Organized Youth Sports

What are the benefits of youth organized sports? Read on to find out!

Ben Turner

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Benefits of Organized Youth Sports

Benefits of Youth Organized Sports One benefit of youth sports is when you play a soccer game you burn off a couple hundred calories! Doing fun things such as sports can result in having a healthier body! For all of you kids AND adults who are not athletic or play sports you should! Instead of playing video games go outside and play pass with a ball with a friend or someone in your family. If you don't have anyone to do this with well that stinks for you. NOOOOO! That is not true get off of your bum and do something as easy as walk! Don't sit there and say I have nobody to play with do it by yourself! Another benefit of youth sports is how
playing a sport helps with your stress level. For example, if you have a fight with a sibling and then you go to a hockey game playing the sport will take your mind off of the fight so you can have a good time with your friends. If you play a sport it will
help with how you work
with others and how to work together. For example you could be a hog with
your things and who blames
you they are yours so why let
other people use them. I get it.
But say one day you are playing
with all of yours toys and games
and then a friend comes over
and you don't let them use your
stuff. Guess what. Chances are
that that friend won't come back
over to your house. If you play a
sport it will teach you to pass the
ball, puck, etc so you can share more.
Then say the friend comes over again
and you don't want to let them use
your stuff you should share it so
you can play together, have a good
time, AND that friend will still
want to hang out with you. Most importantly it is
just fun. Some of you may be thinking
well, video games are fun so why
can't I play them instead? But you
should not play them a lot because they can mess up your brain. Playing a sport is fun, healthy for you, and you can hang out with your friends. As you can see Sidney
Crosby scored and they were having fun. As a bonus they were also happy and excited. Another benefit of
youth sports is to be
committed to something.
When you play a team sport
you are committed to it. This
will help you in life because if
you say you will do something
like pick up your wife's dry
cleaning you will actually pick
it up. Lastly, a benefit of youth
sports is to work hard for something.This is a benefit because you have to
practice and you have to want to do it. This will help you in life because say you want to invent something you have to have practice to be able to know how things work and in a hockey game you have to practice to be able to do the right thing. Also you have to want to do it like say again you want to invent something you have to want to do it to do the right thing. Playing soccer you have to want to play to make the right move. No matter what sport(s)
you play there are many
benefits to go along with
it or them.
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