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No description

Katherine Davis

on 26 January 2015

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The Human Resource Department is viewed negatively by employees.Thwr

We aim to assist the HR department in asserting its role and autonomy in the company by:
Creating an organisation chart
Setting engagement initiatives
Implementing performance Management
Introduction & Background
Opening possibilities, expanding talent, planning for a bright future...
Management Team
Human Resources

Overview of Presentation
Operational: Issues & Solutions
Edel McLoughney
Strategic: Issues & Solutions
Sinead Power
Human Resources
Chloe Sheehan
Management: Issues & Solutions
Katherine Davis
Michelle O Regan
Clocking in and out
Lunch Times
Introduce specific lunch times for each department in order to avoid large volumes of people in the canteen at the one time
Inefficient hiring mechanisms have resulted in a lack of skill and job-fit in most roles.

We will work with HR to implement
Fair and equal hiring practices,
Ensure details on job descriptions & job requirements are accurately displayed
Recruitment & Selection
Training, Development & Staff Motivation
Lack of job support, training and development initiatives and no incentives for meeting production targets.

We propose:
Introducing a sub-section of HR aimed at training & development
Implementing training procedures for IT systems and processes
Employee recognition,autonomy and involvement.
What is Success?
Flexi-time Approach
Car Parking
Canteen Facilities
Condition of Premises
From our Analysis:
Potential Solutions:
Revisit offer from local Farmer to buy land for parking space
Refurbish & Renovate
Hire contractors to renovate and maintain structure of premises.
From our analysis of the report we have identified the following operational issues which we intend to resolve, and I will discuss our proposed solutions for these issues:
Company Goals
Budgets and Finances
Policies and Procedures
Assist in outlining the future projects for the company, setting down goals and targets
SMART Goals must be discussed at management meetings
Lack of mission, vision & values statement
No future strategy relayed
Lack of internal investment in the business
Concern in areas such as departmental budgets, training, and general upkeep of the premises
Outline of finances and projected budgets for departments
We recommend using a financial consultant to monitor company finances
Training of an internal financial consultant
Lack of policies in procedures in place
HR lack resources to effectively implement policies
Assist HR department in drawing up policies and procedures in areas such as absenteeism, recruitment, dismissals, pay and conditions, and Health & Safety
"Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic Fundamentals." Jim Rohn - America's most foreknown Business Philosopher.
Munster Manufacturing.
2 Million in Profits
Increased Market share in Far East
Dedicated and Highly skilled Management Team
Specialized Products in Niche Market
Little Competition In local Area
A highly reputable company among global engineering giants
Why choose S.M.A.R.T. Consulting?
Smart Consulting has been ranked in Ireland's top 3 consulting firms.
A wide client base, both at home and abroad.
Renowned for a talented team of innovative consultants, with practical and effective ideas
Previous clientele include AME Ltd.

"SMART are simply amazing, I cannot praise them enough for their practical and effective ideas, ability to put plans into action, there approachable and attentive manner and simple infallible work ethic."

What will we do for you?
Increase employee productivity and skill levels
Create company morale and trust
Create open and supportive communication channels throughout the company
Increase profitability and market share

12 months
Budget and Finances
Mission and Vision
Organizational Chart
Management Training
12 - 18 Months
Clocking In System
Lunch Times
Conditions of Buildings
IT Training
24 - 36 Months
Car Park
HR policies
Recruitment issues

The Human Resources Department is viewed negatively by employees
Issues at the senior management level affecting the company overall
Creation and adherence of Mission, Vision, and Values Statements
Autonomy & Authority
Lack of authority delegated even at senior management level.
Potential for strong, positive leaders

Utilization of strong communication channels to ensure job empowerment and understanding
Sean's Retirement
No steps taken or structure of company handover to Pat O'Toole.
Steps to be outlined, date of retirement set.
Work with both Sean & Pat throughout entire process
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