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The Doppler Effect

No description

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The Doppler Effect

Who or What can use them?
People can use them because it lets them hear when an object coming or going. Animals use something similar to this called animal echolocation. For instance, bats use echolocation to hear where they are going since they are blind.
Doppler Effect vs. Animal Echolocation
Doppler Effect:
Depends on waves
Happens everyday
Applicable on light and sound waves
Man Made of Environmental
Animal Echolocation:
Applicable on sound waves
Used by people and animal s, especially nocturnal ones like bats and marine animas like whales
Type of Wave:
Where does it Originate From?
The Doppler Effect originates from the Austrian Physicist, Christian Doppler. In 1842, he proposed that the Doppler Effect is the change in frequency of the wave for an observer moving relative to its source.
Commercial Uses:
The Doppler Effect can be used by Meteorologists by using the Doppler Radar. Another Commercial use is that when you see a cartoon falling off of a cliff and you hear the whistle, its frequency changes from high to low.
What is it?
The Doppler Effect is the measure of a noises frequency based on its wave. For instance, if you hear a siren coming from afar, that means that the sound is trying to travel across a longer sound wave which means a lower frequency, and if you hear a siren blaring in your ears that means that the sound is traveling across a shorter sound wave which means a higher frequency.
The Doppler Effect
How is it Helpful and Harmful?
Some ways that the Doppler Effect is helpful is that it is used in many technologies that can help to benefit people like Police Radars, Computers, and Radios.
Some ways that the Doppler Effect is harmful is that such high frequencies can cause hearing damage, like rupturing the eardrums.
Medicinal Uses:
The Ultrasound uses the Doppler Effect. For example, the Doppler Ultrasound measures the frequency in the babies heartbeat. The Doppler Echocardiogram is used by doctors to take pictures and look at a persons heart.
The Doppler Effeect is both a transverse waves, and a longitudinal wave.
The Sites Themselves:
Amplitude, Frequency andd Wavelength
Both include that frequency varies depending on the wavelength
The Doppler Effect
Animal Echolocation
Frequency varies according to the individual bat.
The wavelength o fan animals echolocation is dependent on the speed of the propogation.
Frequency is detected through the length of the waves
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