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The "Below-Waterline" Economy

No description

wan jamie

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The "Below-Waterline" Economy

A Case study on Conservancy Association CSA-Long Valley Ecopaddy
TBTE with Community Economy Return on Investment (CEROI)
Above Waterline Economy
Is that all?
We lost our balance!
We lost our culture!
We lost our community!
Capitalistic agribusiness, Efficiency
Land=private property for money maximization
Farmers=uneducated labour/contract farmers
Consumers=Buyers only
Agriculture in HK=low-value/backward
the staff may have to get their feet wet as well!
Design the packaging/cultivation activities
Comfort/Negotiate with the farmers
Introduce farmers to the public
Help the farmers to sell the rice through various channels
Return-Increased Ecological Value
CEROI on Long Valley Ecopaddy
Community Economy Returns
Community Economy Investment
Long Valley Ecopaddy
Started by Conservany Association & HKBWS in 2011
Under Management Agreement
Receive government funding
"Rice Club"
source: https://www.facebook.com/LVecopaddy/photos/pb.364007920293098.-2207520000.1428511995./1092987960728420/?type=1&theater
source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/zh/b/b4/The_Conservancy_Association.gif
Conserve paddy=conserve wetland
Revitalize the dried & abandoned field
Intentionally spare paddy field to feed birds
e.g. the endangered Yellow-Breasted Bunting
Investment-Extra labour input from CA staff
Government indirect subsidy to the community
Extra labour input from CA staff (time/knowledge)
Farmer's rice planting knowledge
Volunteers/Rice Club members efforts & time
Increased ecological value
Expanded common (culture/land/food)
Community empowerment
Inspired new and young farmers
Increased well-being (for farmers/for the urban dwellers)
"Above Waterline Economy"
Community-Supported Agriculture: For people to encounter each other, to "see" each other
Farmers & Consumers = Members of a community
Land=Source to produce food & important common asset for well-being
Jamie Wan Chi Yan
URSP 3050 Take Back The Economy

Investment-Volunteers/Rice Club Members efforts & time
Community Investment:
Join membership: Pay $ to become a member of Rice Club
Purchase Long Valley Eco-Rice

Help farmers to transplant
the rice seedlings/harvest
Return-Increased Well-beings for farmers & urban dwellers
Stabilized and extra income (risk shared)
Empowerment: "Long Valley Eco-Rice"~>geographically identification (GI)
Farming expertise is recognized,
passion for farming sustained

Urban dwellers:
Reconnect back to the land/food source
Enrich their knowledge on "agriculture"
Rethink the value of land and "agriculture"

They now "see" each other: ENCOUNTER each other on the paddy field
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