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Nisqually River Education Project

Our experience as interns

Maya Shoemaker

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Nisqually River Education Project

Nisqually River Education Project Task Water Quality Testing Salmon Toss
and Dissection Green Congress Native Tree
and Shrub Planting Helps get students
involved in their
biotic community as
citizen scientists Students sample water Do hands on tests and collect data Explore the outdoors We tested for
-dissolved oxygen
-fecal coliform
-total solids
-biochemical oxygen demand The Kids feed the river so
that the river may feed them Kids see salmon are like people Students participate in State of the Rivers Sessions, where they present and discuss thier findings from the Water Quality Tests. The Nisqually River Education Project and South Sound GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) sponsor the Congress. Students participate in hands-on, skill building workshops in the afternoon. People from around the community volunteer to teach these workshops. Benthic Macroinvertebrate Labs With all these activities
we hope to foster a generation of environmental stewards. Some of the challenges NREP faces are:
-Pressure from administrators to stay within standardized curriculum to yeild high test scores.
-Being able to demonstrate concrete and trackable change in order to justify their actions to school administrators and financial backers. "The NREP seeks to create a new generation of students who have a true sense of stewardship for the Nisqually River watershed and the southern Puget Sound."
-Nisqually River Council One of our mentors and full-time intern, Kasey Kelly.
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