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Youth United for Change

Senior Project

Taisha Martinez

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Youth United for Change

Youth United for Change
Today you will...
Join The Movement
Learn about a Philadelphia based organization called Youth United for Change.
YUC was founded in 1991 by a group
of students from Kensington High
School who were originally in a "Just Say No"
program; the students discussed, and decided that there were more important things wrong with school than students saying no to drugs. They then founded Youth United for Change.
When did YUC start?
-Kensington Chapter is working on their School Food campaign, fighting for better quality lunches.

- YUC-wide, meaning everyone in YUC is working on stopping charter school expansion. Also, fighting for funding in Philadelphia.

-City-Wide is working on stopping Zero Tolerance, and The School to Prison Pipeline.
There are a lack of resources!! When students don't have the resources they need to succeed, or something to do after school, they go out and fool around, and get into trouble.

Also, Zero Tolerance plays a big role in the STTP, if a student is always punished harshly from human error, than there's no room for growth. They are constantly penalized, but not taught a lesson. This then leads to students being pushed out of school, into the streets, and then into the prison system.
Why do students go from school to jail?
YUC has been fighting for 22 years for Education Justice, and continues to fight. We need YOU to help, so JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

The fight is never over! Where ever you are, there are organizations just like YUC in every city. Join them, and fight back!
What Is YUC?
Youth United for Change is a youth-led organization
that fights and advocates in Philadelphia, for education justice .
Chapters and Campaigns
YUC has 7 chapters:
-Kensington Multiplex
-Youth Justice Core
*Every Chapter isn't school based, so the school based chapters work on issues in their schools, and other chapters work on either YUC wide's campaign, or one they may have chosen.
Chapters and Campaigns Continued
School to Prison Pipeline and Zero Tolerance in a nut shell!
Zero Tolerance is all of the harsh policies implemented in our schools, specifically in lower class, African American and Latino neighborhoods. (ZT is what allows a 6 year old to be expelled from school after rubbing his teacher's leg, saying "I hope your leg feels better," or the student who brings in a butter knife by accident.)
The School to Prison Pipeline is the track from school to prison, with the implementation of Zero Tolerance, this track is possible.
-Our main solution in Restorative Justice. Restorative practices include Peer Mediation, Teen Court, Parent-Teacher Council, and Student-Staff Mediation.

A recommendation for the School District of Philadelphia is to stop spending so much money on school security, (they spent 43 million dollars on school security in 2011) and use that money to implement Restorative Justice, and towards things that will actually benefit students instead of punishing them.
YUC Victories!
Youth United for Change has many victories. Some of them are:
- Winning the fight to save Accelerated Schools last year.
- Splitting up Kensington High School into four small schools, and getting Kensington CAPA a new building. (This was an 8 year fight)
- Releasing their reports; "Zero Tolerance in Philadelphia- Denying Educational Opportunities and Creating a Pathway to Prison" and "
Out- Youth Voices on the Drop Out Crisis in Philadelphia"
Thank You!
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