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No description

Dorsa Rahbar

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Chanda's SECRETS CHAPTERS 31-36

characters -Dorsa
Major Characters
Mrs.Tafa would be considered as dynamic because overall, she does have significant change to the story. Not only has she been their Mama's neighbor, she has also been one of her close friends. Also, Mrs.Tafa has a phone that has helped out Mama's family
more than a lot. Lastly, Mrs. Tafa welcomed them
into their home when no one would. Which
would have changed the story if she wasn't
in it.
MaJor characters
Plot - Aleena
On the plot graph I think that our section falls to the rising action. This is because Chanda's going to tiro to see what happened to mama. The conflict of the story is building to the climax as Chanda goes off to find why mama hasn't called back, why Mrs. tafa said "maybe your mama never expected to come home. Maybe she meant her good-bye to be forever" (Pg. 165) and if this statement was actually true.
Mrs.Tafa: She always seems to interfere with Chanada's rights. Chanda's rights include her ability to be a grownup, and take care of herself and her siblings. But Mrs.Tafa always tells her what to do and how to do them.
Esther: She is starting to give up on herself as she states
"I'm ugly"
"I wish they'd just killed me"
on page 150. We can tell she is starting to loose her self esteem and confidence.

Mr.Selmane: He tries to help Chanda
with her work and gives as many second chances as he can in order to support Chanda.
Soly: To me, in these chapters he is loosing his childhood with all the drama and concerns for his family.
Auntie Ruth: She tells Chanda when
the funeral is, and Chanda tells her
she will get the money for Jonah's coffin.
The protagonoist would be Chanda because she is the leading character and the story is being told from her perspective.
Her family context is based on her past and
mainly Mama's lifestyle. We know that in these chapters Chanda currently lives with her two siblings (Iris, Soly) and Esther. While Mama is at Tiro to break the "curse."
Conflicts Formed
- Main conflict that occurred was of Jonah dying, he was found inside a well, dead.
- After Jonah dies, iris starts to change her ways towards Chanda and realizes Chanda cared for her. As Iris said "Chanda, Chanda. I'm sorry. I'll never be bad again. Please don't hate me. Please. I'm so scared." (Pg. 157)
- Chanda goes to tiro
- Something bad happened to mama because at the end Chanda states: "mama is more than sick. Mama is dying. Maybe she's already dead." (Pg. 168)

Social Context
Conflicts That may arise
Her social context is based on
her family and the way she
interacts with others. The point of views of this context are:
-The way she treats Mrs.Tafa
-How she respects her Mama
-Her behavior towards her siblings
-Trying to help out people in anyway she can (Jonah, Sara, Mama etc)
- By the way Chanda behaves with Mrs. Tafa. Maybe she might get worse with her and Mrs. Tafa might stop caring for their family because of how Chanda behaves and how un-thankful she is for Mrs. Tara's help. I predicted this when Chanda said "I panic: what did I just say? Never mind, I tell myself, it was worth it to see the old goat twitch." (Pg. 149) by the way Chanda acts and likes to keep getting Mrs. Tafa mad, I think she might get worse and lose total respect for Mrs. Tafa.
- Mama might be really sick, as Chanda mentioned "mama is more than sick. Mama is dying. Maybe she's already dead." (Pg. 168) Most probably, she isn't getting a good treatment in tiro. She might be already dead or maybe she dies on the ride back home because she'll be too sick to travel.
Conflicts resolved
- One of the conflicts I saw forming were between Mrs. Tafa and Chanda. when Mrs. Tafa told chanda to kick Esther out of her house because she brings shame, Chanda never listened. This formed a huge disagreement between them, but then later after the "Jonah's incident", they started talking again as Chanda mentioned "Apparently the two of us are talking again. Lucky me." (Pg. 158)
- Jonah died and now they no longer have to worry about him.
- we found out where iris goes rather then school.
Theme - Avantika
When someone that is valued greatly by you leaves, there is nothing/ no one in the way to stop you from chasing after them.

(When you love someone/thing set it free, and if they love you back they will return) => Isn't always the case
Conflicts that might get resolved later on...
- Esther's family will start living with Chanda. As Chanda considered it before but the only thing stopping her was mama, however, when mama dies, no one can stop Esther from making Canada's home, hers. Considering, Mrs. Tafa, Chanda doesn't seem like she cares about what she thinks.
- when Chanda goes to tiro, she'll find her mama real sick and she'll bring her home and take care of her or mama might be already dead.
- Mrs. Tafa probably lets go of Chanda. Since she didn't listen to her and went to tiro.

- Junkyard - where Jonah's found in a well, dead. Iris was also found in the junkyard.
- Mrs. Tafa's home - thats where Mrs. Tafa told Chanda to kick Esther out of her house and didn't let Chanda use the phone. This is also where Iris and soly hang out most of the time.

This was proven by Chanda since Mrs. Tafa tried stopping her from leaving to bring mama back using several techniques but occurrences such as:
Iris and Soly becoming very hard to manage
Mrs. Tafa being very obnoxious (at first)
Iris's junkyard incident
Jonah's funeral
- School's library - where Chanda collapses and tells Mrs. selalame she let him down and she can't do it anymore.
-Mr. Batemen's place - Chanda goes there to get Jonah's burial coffin.
Mrs. Tafa's truck - where they argue because of Mama and Chanda runs out from the truck.

The antagonist in chapters 31-36 is Mrs.Tafa. She always tries to bring Chanda down and has the opposite desires and thoughts that Chanda has. For example
"You should be ashamed of yourself, taking in that Esther Machalo"
(Page 148). She disagreed with Chanda's decision to let Esther stay when Esther had no where to go. Also, Mrs.Tafa didn't want Chanda going to Tiro to see her Mama because Mrs.Tafa thought she knows best. She had been interfering with Soly and Iris' relationship towards Chanda. Which means she has been trying to win them over. As proven on page 153 when Iris says "We'll be at Mrs.Tafa's. Mrs.Tafa has figs. Mrs.Tafa has cookies. Mrs.Tafa has everything."
caused her to give in and find Mama and bring her back to Bonang.
Third person limited

Questions answered in Chapters 31-36
What happened to Jonah?
He had died
Where Jonah was for the time period he hadn't returned?
He was dead in a well where no one found him, until the junkyard incident
What is Mrs. Tafa truly like?
She is caring and helpful during tough times. Her narcissistic attitude covers up her true personality.
Why has Mrs. Tafa been acting this way? => Assumption
Mama probably told her something before she left (secret)
If mama is dead of alive?
She is still alive
If Chanda will ever see mama again?
Yes, she sees her when she is on the bus to Tiro to bring mama back

This section was told from Chanda's point view but the thoughts and emotions of other characters were also revealed.
Chanda: In chapters 31-36 Chanda puts others first. When there was no response or messages from Mama she dropped everything and left to Tiro. She is also trustworthy because she promised Auntie Ruth she'd pay for Jonah's coffin.
Questions arrised in Chapters
My connection to the novel is when my sister ran away from home because she was mad at me. But then later, I went out and looked for her all over, after a while I found her all scared behind her school. She realized I cared for her because I came for her. This is fairly similar to what happened to Iris and Chanda. When jonah was found from the well, Chanda started worrying about where Iris was. That's when Chanda found Iris from her hiding place and she soon realized that Chanda cared for her and she was sorry for how she behaved. ~Aleena
How did Jonah die?
Why did Mrs. Tafa attend his funeral if she hated him?
Why has Mrs. Tafa been so caring lately?
What is the so called "secret" Mrs. Tafa might know of from mama?
Will Iris and Soly be okay under the watchful eyes of Esther?
Will Esther recover?
What do you think is the real reason mama left in the first place?
Social Issues discussed
Iris: She is starting to grow up and understand reality. She argues and talks
back to Chanda unlike in previous chapters
Social issues: Illness (portrayed by Esther and Mama) and Death (portrayed by Jonah)

Chanda had to undertake Esther and mama being diagnosed with AIDS and Jonah's death. We know very little about the cause oh Jonah's death but Chanda had to deal with another death in the family and this time without mama which may have caused it to be extremely hard due to organizing, taking on great responsibility and also the emotional stress of loosing a family member without an important aspect of her life by her side.

Not only that, she also had to juggle all that while caring for Esther who has AIDS which causes her to devote all her time and energy on someone else as well. Since mam is also ill, Chanda worries about if she is okay or not and doubting if she is still alive since she hasn't heard from Mama at all. I guess spending all of your time and energy and then stressing on whether the person will be fine is a big issue caused by illness.

I can connect to these chapters where Chanda is caring for Esther due to her illness as my mom takes care of me the same way. When your child gets sick (mostly with babies), it takes a very stressful toll on a mom as it involves treating, worrying for and standing beside the person no matter what; which is what Chanda is doing for Esther. ( In a sense she is being motherly) ~Avantika
My connection to Chanda's Secrets is based on one of the greatest rock singers from the 90's whom was Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with aids around the age 40. Now, unfortunately since he had not been taking proper medication to treat his illness he died at the age of 45 caused by pneumonia from his aids. If he was still alive today, he would have only been in his 60's. He had been judged by people for getting this illness just like the family members, friends and neighbors judged in Chanda's Secrets
round or flat?
Mrs.Tafa would be in the round section because we have a lot of background information about her and we know multiple traits that describe her.
Static or dynamic?
For the character I have choose to write about is Mrs.Tafa and my adjective for her is bossy. She demonstrates this adjective by always wanting everyone to do things her way. Chanda says
"I want to ask Mrs.Tafa to back me up. But she won't. She always wants to be the boss"
(Page 152). To me this quote demonstrates Chanda releasing her inner feelings. Mrs.Tafa does want to be the boss because she thinks she knows everything and is better than everyone.
Thank you for
listening :)

Literary devices
"His little eyes got big as moons" pg. 151
Example of hyperbole because Chanda exaggerates how big soly's eyes had gotten by saying 'big as moons'
"Her head's full of lumps, like a bag stuffed with marula nuts" pg. 151
This is a simile because Chanda compares Esthers head with a bag of nuts, also by using the term 'like'.
"An emptiness swallows me" pg. 150
The author uses personification here to show Chandas intense emotions of emptiness, as if it were swallowing her.
"Never mind, I tell myself, it was worth seeing that old goat twitch" pg. 149
This is used as a metaphor because Chanda referes Mrs. Tafa as an old goat when she claims that it was worth threatening and getting into potential trouble to see her get mad.
Preventing access to or from a certain area surrounding it with police tape or guards.
To pull on a rope.
Break between parts of a single trip.
Bag filled with food attached to horses head enabling it to eat.
Someone who is extremely poor.
A prefabricated building.
These chapters of Chandas secrets, where everyone needs someone to look after them including Mama, reminded me of my own family. This is because when Mama had AIDS and traveled to Tiro, she needed Chanda because she was the only on that could help her. So after Chanda took Esther in and helped her, Esther looked after Iris and Soly. This is similar to my family because someone is always looking out for you in your times of need.
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