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Generation Gap

This is a presenation about what is generation gap, what are its causes, side effects and how to cope with it.

Ghalia khan

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Generation Gap

Generation Gap
What is The Generation Gap?
Made By:
Ghalia Farid Khan
The difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents.
It may occur between the parents and the children, or with the in-laws or teacher and the student.
As generations come and go, they each possess individual values, attitudes, and goals that strike them apart from other generations.
There has always been a gap acting like a barrier, it keeps the different generations distinct.
Generation gap is not about the age difference, it is the difference in the attitude, priorities, and views among generations.
As to the different attitude of life, the people belonging to the old generation always wonder what has gone wrong with the new generation.

Generation gap leaves negative side effects and the two parties drift with each other emotionally.Due to emotional arguments over silly matters, conflicts began to occur and the peace is disturbed.

In the extreme cases the parties even decide to abandon each other. The children decide to leave the house of the parents due to lack of emotional space constantly. The daughter-in-law may provoke her husband to abandon her mother-in-law for disability to cope up unreasonable demands.
Lack of time, communication and understanding
We have created our own boundaries
Strictness by the older generation
Bridge The Generation Gap:
Communicate with each other
Spend your time
Clear boundaries
Clear values
Foster self-dependance
Don't forbid
Thank You!

The problem of generation gap is universal and everybody across the globe faces the unchangeable problem. The problem is experienced due to several reasons which should be properly analyzed. We can overcome it by spending time and understanding each other’s mentality.
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