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John Locke

No description

Jeush Cmauz

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of John Locke

John Locke
Uzoma, Elijah, Joshua
John Locke
John Locke
John Locke spoke his mind. He claimed men are born free. He was known for his writings about human knowledge and politics. He wrote an essay called "Concerning Human Understanding". He believed when a child is born their life is an empty tablet as they grow up the tablet fills with life lessons and experiences.
His Return
John Locke fled England for is life in order to express himself. The king wanted to execute him for his thoughts. He renamed himself as Dr.Van Der Linden and continued his studies. He finished his essay. He found out the king was over thrown and they invited Prince William and his wife Mary. He returned acting as a companion to Mary. When he returned to England he watched his ideas come true.

His Life Lessons
He learned you need to stick up with what you believe in because now because of his hard work his ideas came to life. Now people follow him in example.
His Death
Long afflicted with delicate health, Locke passed away on October 28, 1704, in Essex, where he'd resided over the last decade of his life.
Famous Quotes

He was born August 29, 1632 Wrington, United Kingdom. He went to the University of Oxford. He studied medicine and became a doctor. He saved one of his friends life by giving him surgery.
This is OUR prezi (mostly Uzoma's and Elijah's )
"I believe that people should be able to overthrow the government if it is not doing a good job of protecting their rights."
- John Locke
"A child is not born good or bad. People act a certain way because of experience in life."
- John Locke
"Though the familiar use of the Things about us, takes off our Wonder; yet it cures not our Ignorance"
- Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Hi class!

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His Impact on Society
Thanks to him we now have a democracy and we know more about humans, how we work, begin our life and, how we learn, he was a great influence to society. He influenced many future generations to stick up for their natural rights and to speak their mind no matter what anyone thinks of it.
Uzoma is a very talented and beautiful and very creative
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