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History of sports journalism

No description

Jake Calhoun

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of History of sports journalism

Jake Calhoun The changing winds of American sports journalism SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS! Conflicts of interest Sportswriters —Human fascination with sports
-Living vicariously through them
-Creates need for sportswriters

—Sportswriting: Removal of any biases

—Key question: Was sportswriting always objective? "Golden Age of Sports" —Sprouted from era of "yellow journalism"

—Characterized athletes as "superhuman" (great man theory)

—Newspapers began to dissociate themselves with party affiliations upon which they were founded
—Glorified conflict of competition
—Solidified the sports page's place in newspapers —Boxers used to pay sportswriters a cut of their earnings for covering their fights
—Seen as publicity for the fighter

—Sportswriters used to travel and dine with the teams they covered

—Sportswriters used to act as official scorekeepers for baseball games —Professional
—Trustworthy Standards of objectivity —Code of Ethics adopted by APSE in 1970s
—Established norm of independent media
—Increased credibility

—Different from sports broadcasters, for whom those standards of objectivity are blurred and almost nonexistent to some extent Professionalism
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