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Novus ordo seclorum

Darin Gray

on 20 July 2015

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The Plan
1. draft our circuit on paper using a logic diagram
2. Build and debug the alarm circuit
3. Build and debug the 555 circuit
4. Build the lights circuit using logic diagram and debug it
5. Join the circuits together
6. Add the flip-flop circuit and finishing components
7. Test and debug overall circut
The process
1. Discussed different ideas for accomplishing the task
2. Mapped out the circuits on paper
3. Built a complex three switch circuit for warning lights
4. Spent lots of time debugging this circuit
5. Scrapped complex circuit and designed simpler one
6. Built and debugged new circuit
7. Built already designed circuits from lab handout
7. Connected all the different circuits, tested and debugged
Principles we used
Biomedical Engineering
designed system to enhance the human body using artificial parts
Electrical Engineering
created electrical circuits to apply electricity
used various components such as resistors, switches, and transistors to use electricity in a desired manner
Computer Engineering
Used binary logic to accomplish target outcome
Things each member did do help out
Austin-Helped build design and test circuits, added to the prezi
Roberto-Helped build design and test circuits
Ryan-Helped build design and test circuits
Sena-Helped build design and test circuits
Johnathan- Prezi, experimented with arduino
Project demonstration
The obstacles and successes
Lessons learned
How would we start differently
Better time management and division of labor
spend more time in the planning phase
Building a simulation on the computer helps save time
Test components that have experienced a short circuit to make sure they still work
Do not be afraid to ask for help
When replacing or moving wires make sure they are in the proper hole
using electrical components
-consulted lab packet and TA's
Designing circuits
-Consulted TA's and Professor
debugging circuits
-were not afraid to start over from scratch
worked well as a team
Please direct your attention to the front of the room
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