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Religious Figures (New France)

This is a summary of the religious figures of new france

Adrian Dizon

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Religious Figures (New France)

The Religious Figures The Jesuit Priests Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons New France The Jesuit Priests were a leading group of religious orders that sent missionaries to New France. This group was called the Jesuit. The Jesuit later arrived at New France in 1611. The Jesuit spread the Roman Catholic religion to the first nations and built schools for boys. St. Ignatius Loyala founded the society in 1534 to reform the Roman Catholic religion. The Jesuits had 2 goals in their mind for New France.
- Spread the Roman Catholic religion to the first nations
-Establish schools for boys The Ursuline Nuns Marie Martin is twenty-year old with a husband and a son. Her husband worked as a silk merchant but his buisness failed. In 1632 she decided to enter a covenant of St.Ursuline and became a nun. In 1693 she and 2 other sisters arrived at Quebec. Marie died in 1672. Before the Ursuline there were only schools for boys. In 1634 the Jesuit took their missions to the Hurons. Their plans were to build missionary centers near major canoe routes. In 1639 they began a construction of sainte marie amoung the hurons. Later then the Iroqois attacked the hurons in 1648 and 5 Jesuits died. Next year they decided to abondon the Sainte Marie but the inhabbitants suffered from lack of food. The Iroquois were enemies with the hurons and the Jesuits were affraid a war would break out. In the winter of 1649 Iroquois destroyed the center. What I think the most important part is the Jesuit preists goals because help spread the Roman catholic religion to the first nations and they made schools for boys.
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