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Le Mont Saint Michel

No description

Breanda Bursheim

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel Quick Facts Revolution During the revolution, Le Mont Saint Michel became a prison for political opponents, and opponents of the republican régime. Today Eversince 1872, it has been an official French National Heritage Site. It is restored on a yearly basis by the French Government . 10th century 11th to 12th century 17th to 18th century 19th to 20th century Development *The quicksand and tides surrounding it form a natural defense. and it is a very popular tourist attraction. * During the 100-year war the English conquered all of Normandy except Mont St Michel. What is it? *It is 240 acres in size. It is a gothic chateau this is
over 1,000 years old that resides on top of a island in the lower end of Normandy. . * The Population is 44 (2009) * It's been the seat Monastery since the 8th
century. * Over 3,000,000 tourists visit it each year.
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